Should We Be Designing For IE6?

  SimpleSimon1 09:42 07 Jun 2010

Hi Guys

I'm designing a [reasonably simple] web site for a friend who is an Osteopath and it is coming together quite nicely. However, as usual, IE6 is the problem child - in this case, because it doesn't understand "li:hover", it breaks conditional display of the multi-level menu system.

Now, I can fix this using java (which I normally try to avoid since I don't like making my sites java-specific) BUT I got to thinking....should we even be still trying to cater for IE6 quirks when it requires extra work to code around these oddities?

Taking at look at the w3schools broswer stats click here (even noteing all the caveats) suggests that IE6 usage (especially private IE6 usage) is way way down. Moroever, with all the efforts being made to shift users off it, should we be encouraging them to stick on it by designing for it? After all, how many of us still code for Netscape 3 compatability :-)

I know accepted wisdom is that we code for as wide a range of browsers as possible. Also, are we loosing 'market share' by not making a site compatible with as much as possible? In my view, this **might** be something a corporate wants to consider but my friend is a small local osteopathic clinic and he just wants a web presence - most of his business still comes by word of mouth.

So, what do people think.....

  beynac 13:32 07 Jun 2010

I don't bother with IE6 any more. IMHO, nobody should still be using it.

Having said that, I do make simple changes if it will make it work, but I don't let IE6 dictate how to build the site.

I have built websites for two osteopaths and they both really just want an online brochure. Like your friend, they get most of their clients through word of mouth.

  SimpleSimon1 09:00 08 Jun 2010

Because they'd like the web site to actually have a bit of information about them, the two therapists and the treatments they offer. So, rather than just jamming everything on a single page like you see quite often in samll sites, it makes sense to use a simple multi-level menu system to package the information in small relevant bites.

So, any thoughts re my IE6 question....

Here is another blog I came across that would help you click here

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