Should we be concerned?

  Mankster 21:20 17 Sep 2003

I Was just wondering if anyone has read the post in consumerwatch ?(Would tcpa take away your freedom)i would be interested in your views.
maybe more appropriate if the replies were placed in the consumerwatch,

  The Sack 21:34 17 Sep 2003

Trusted computing is one of the worst ideas ever, i want control over my PC, i do not want it making choices for me based on a what a load of companies think.

I will make my PC as powerfull as i can and eek as much life out of it as i can to stay away from TCPA and DRM.

  -pops- 21:51 17 Sep 2003

The Big Brother Brigade can go too far. The buying public has a limit on what it will have inflicted on it (the poll tax riots, the fuel blockages and plenty more in other countries). More and more restrictions on what you can do with your own property, whether that be physical property or intellectual property in the form of licenses, will eventually cause a backlash of either out and out revolt or a total rejection of whatever it is.

Big Business will have to be careful in the future. The ultimate power in any business is the customer - no customer, no business.

  canard 00:00 18 Sep 2003

It would cease to be my computer and become THEIR computer. All it would need after the takeover would be a cerebral implant to ascertain if one was with or against George Bush and if the answer is negative then the PC would refuse to switch on.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 00:22 18 Sep 2003

Simple if it becomes reality vote with your wallet, Do not buy any product that contains it, See how long intel last if you and the rest of the world decides to boycott their tcpa products.

  canard 14:51 18 Sep 2003

But it already is a reality because some Palladium software is already installed with WIN XP. With automatic updating more can be added.

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