Should a Seagate Central NAS remain on 24/7?

  benjaminjamesmason 18:28 29 Jul 2014

Hello. I have recently purchased a NAS device the Seagate Central. I understand the concept and the whole purpose of the device but one thing has me thinking. I have most likely answered the question myself but your inputs and advice would be great on this.

Should the device be plugged in and running all the time? Obviously I know that when it is not it will not be accessible remotely. But I question this as when I came home from work, the device was still whirring around and it was rather warm which I know would be standard but to my knowledge the device had not been used all day so in a way the device is wasting power? and could lead to the device burning out a lot sooner I hope this makes sense. I was maybe thinking it would be best to disconnect late on in the evening but then have it back on in the morning. Your ideas on this would be fantastic!

Thanks Benjamin

  100andthirty 20:04 29 Jul 2014

There would probably be programmable sleep option, but I don't have one of these so you would need to read the manual.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:08 29 Jul 2014

Why leave something switched on when it is not being used for hours?

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