Should the 'open lock' battery icon be visible?

  sarahjacintha 10:53 15 Nov 2015

MY HP Pavillion 15 laptop took a bad knock. The battery compartment cover is now out of whack. The laptop is working but it must be vulnerable because it won't close altogether. It's the kind of compartment door that has two latches and two little symbols - one a lock; the other a battery. I never paid attention to the compartment, which is located at the very BACK of the laptop (the thin bit; as opposed to the bottom of it) - because I don't like to mess - so I don't know which icons should be visible when the compartment is shut and safe. There are actually TWO latches to the door. One is a lock - should the 'open' or 'locked' icon be displayed when it's shut safely? The other latch has a symbol of a battery icon. Should the battery icon be visible when the compartment door is safely closed? Should both latches 'rest' closed in opposite directions? Would really appreciate help. Thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:05 15 Nov 2015

with the laptop turned over and the back facing up the left catch should be to the furthest left covering the unlock icon and the right catch should be to the furthest right to lock the battery in place.

click here

  sarahjacintha 12:47 15 Nov 2015

Thank you very much! I thought it made sense that the 'locked' padlock symbol should be visible; rather than the 'unlocked' one - but when you don't know much about computers you doubt yourself. I had no idea as to the correct position the right latch though should be in though. Once again - thanks.

  sarahjacintha 12:48 15 Nov 2015

p.s. I clicked 'is the answer' and didn't know it was a toggle function! It now reads, "is not the answer". Sorry!

  lotvic 17:41 15 Nov 2015

I clicked 'is the answer' and didn't know it was a toggle function! It now reads, "is not the answer"

Yep that's how it should be. The instruction "is not the answer" means click on this to remove the tick if it "is not the answer" (yes it is confusing...)

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