Should one uninstall existing router before installing a new one?

  john bunyan 19:24 30 Aug 2013

I have been experiencing an increasing frequency of my existing Belkin Share 300 N+ wireless router losing connection. I have been in touch with my ISP and my line is OK. Also Belkin checked the router settings. I cannot put up with it so have bought a rather expensive Netgear DGND4000-UKS N750, having been recommended it by a local "expert" and looking at reviews. Should I just physically remove the old one and install the new, or should I somehow uninstall the old one first? It is connected by Ethernet cable to the desktop and serves 2 laptops, an iPad and sundry tablets by wireless. Any other hints? I suppose that the wireless devices will detect the new network and need a password for WAP. I prefer to use a "guest" password for the "visiting" tablets , laptops, etc and assume that will be available as it is on the Belkin.

  onthelimit1 10:19 31 Aug 2013

There is nothing to uninstall, but you may need to access the router pages to set up your isp's details - the router should have the number to input into your browser. It will be something like 192.168... I have never come across a 'guest' account before - all the routers I've seen have had just one wireless password. WEP is not considered good security anymore - WPA2 is better, and the router will have that I'm sure.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:28 31 Aug 2013

Yep I agree there is absolutely nothing to uninstall.

  john bunyan 13:06 31 Aug 2013

Thanks. The Belkin certainly has a "Guest" access with a different password. I think the Netgear has too; I prefer that to give to visiting grand children etc with their tablets, iPads etc.

One problem I have found before even installing is that the Belkin tech back up, based I think, in India or the Philippines is available very quickly on the telephone, whereas the Netgear (with a US accent) did not answer after a long time and I hung up. A bit annoying and I wonder whether to "Open the box" on the new one. A recent problem had to be fixed on the phone by Belkin as somehow a corruption had occurred that the ISP could not correct as they do not support Belkin.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:03 31 Aug 2013

I am a great supporter of Netgear and in my younger years when my knowledge was less than I like to think it is now I found it necessary to phone Netgears support service on a Sunday if memory serves and a very helpful girl walked me through what I now know is the simple set up procedure. But that was a few years ago. But on the other hand I did not have a good experience with Belkin. So I suppose it really depends on who,if anybody, answers the phone.

  rdave13 21:06 01 Sep 2013

TP-LINK and NETGEAR routers are the easiest to configure in my humble opinion. D-Link next.

  john bunyan 16:49 03 Sep 2013

Installed the new router today. Almost too easy - no asking for ISP details even!! I can't believe how easy it was compared with past experiences. Thanks for all comments.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:11 03 Sep 2013

john bunyan

I agree mate,unlike rdave13 I had a horrendous experience with TP-link trying to set up a router. But that was some years ago and I was using AOL as my ISP.

Nowadays it is very simple to set up your own router rather than use the usual pretty rubbish one that you get from your ISP.

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