Should My documents be on the system drive?

  johnincrete 07:16 26 Aug 2014

In the dim and distant past, I was told that heavily used folders should be on a different drive to the system and the programs. Does this still apply with XP and 500GB hard drives?

I have tried moving the contents of My Documents (2GB) to a second hard drive and alternatively to an external drive but have seen no noticeable effect.

  BRYNIT 07:49 26 Aug 2014

I doubt it will make much difference to the speed of the OS. You have a large drive with plenty of space, Windows XP will only use a small part of this drive.

Having a copy of your documents/files on a second drive (Not a separate partition on the same drive) is a good idea. If the main drive with the OS becomes corrupt or fails preventing access you do not have to worry about trying to recover them.

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