should most shareware show up as a virus/trojan?

  theDarkness 15:08 08 Dec 2009

I needed to convert alot of audio files, and repair some discs, so I downloaded alot of small tools (less than 2mb each!) over the last year to help repair/convert video and audio, from their own homepages. after a scan, almost every single one of these tools shows up in avira as containing a trojan or virus. on (multi online antivirus), it reports usually 15 to 40% of antivirus scanners will report back as these files containing viruses/trojans. this is annoying, i now have to go through every single one of my tools and read their homepages to find out if they are ALL false positives, and/or find out if they have added spyware software to keep them all free.

eg 'digitalvideorepair' contains unwanted junkware ("RelevantKnowledge") to keep it 'freeware' which needs to be uninstalled independently. digitalvideorepair shows up as a virus or trojan as a result, which is noted on their homepage at click here

After a scan of my system, Avira lists 20+ trojans/viruses, all from my "saved programs" folder! I have over 50 tools saved from over the last yr or more, and most are usually under half a megabyte. My system has been working 100% fine, and I know antivirus programs can only guess at what contains a virus/trojan and what doesnt, but I am wondering....... if its should be far more common for shareware to show up as "containing viruses" than freeware? ALL of my installed audio and video tools are freeware from their very own homepages! :( lol

  howard64 17:07 08 Dec 2009

Is this a free or paid for virus checker? If it is a free one download a different one then unistall avira and install the other one. Do a full scan and see if the other one sees anything wrong. I am using free avast at this time - works well and I have had as many as 4 automatic updates during one day.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 08 Dec 2009

I am wondering....... if its should be far more common for shareware to show up as "containing viruses" than freeware?

No but both can contain virus or spy/malware, free or shareware products are a way for virus to spread.

A lot of free tools /ringtones / screensavers wallpapers etc. are package with spy and malware.

  DieSse 17:40 08 Dec 2009

Over the years I must have downloaded hundreds os freeware and shareware programs. I don't ever recollect having a malware issue with any of them.

Try and stick to reputable download sites, such as Tucows, C-net. Major Geeks, Softpedia (and many more).

  theDarkness 18:52 08 Dec 2009

Hi, thanks for the replies, I always use the program developers own homepages, if not then its usually Softpedia. Im using Avira. Avira is supposed to be the best in detecting viruses and trojans, and its free version that Im using is actually supposed to be much better than all paid for programs in detection! That seems to be where the problem lies, as doing a bit more searching now on the web, it seems thats that it ranks highest in- finding hundreds of false positives! With all the programs I have downloaded and used all from legitimate sites, I have had no problems at all with windows, so it would seem I may be getting worried about nothing.

Ive tried click here with all my files now, and top rated programs such as Kaspersky and *cough* Norton all come back as 100% safe files with absolutely everything I have. Ive come to the conclusion not to trust Avira with every "trojan" warning Ive receiving (especially with shareware) but I will continue to use it since its freeware and arguably still the best in finding real viruses. I will try and submit all my freeware/shareware files to Avira, hopefully they will add them to their "safe list"!

I never download files from 'free program' websites, if absolutely anyone can upload them, I wouldnt want to take the chance ..but my 20 trojans result is ridiculous, and my system has been working absolutely fine since installing most (this is a fresh install, I know I post alot of problems on here, but Im certain they are never connected, haha) ;)

  mfletch 19:15 08 Dec 2009

With shareware you can get pop-ups asking you to purchase the full version,

So this is Adware and could be picked up by Antivirus programs

  theDarkness 19:30 08 Dec 2009

its just annoying that adware can sometimes be picked up as a trojan, same as my example in the first post, with programs such as 'bad-cd-repair-pro', 'digital-video-repair', and even a free 'mp4.exe' codec from dbpoweramps own website supposedly all being infected ;(

  PalaeoBill 19:34 08 Dec 2009

I use a lot of freeware and shareware. I'm careful where I download it from and I've only had one problem, that was with lcc-win32 a c-compiler. Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware both (incorrectly) reported parts of the c libraries and one of the executables as trojans. You may have just been unlucky and your AV/Anti Spyware has been over sensitive.

  theDarkness 21:14 08 Dec 2009

perhaps adware/spy-related software within 'free' programs is more frequent within video and audio related tools, Im not sure. Ive just downloaded a codec pack (Storm Codec) from softpedia, and its being detected as having a trojan, so thats another to my list. LOL! bad luck on my part, even though perhaps if it does contain ad related software it may not do any or as much damage as Avira would have me believe! ;(

  woodchip 22:34 08 Dec 2009

You can pick these up just by visiting the download Web Page, Not necessarily in the the software but its like catching a cold everything you touch spreads the germs. adds and popups etc on the page

  theDarkness 23:56 08 Dec 2009

haha! just picked up another "virus/trojan", a free weather plugin for xoblite click here
if anyone wants to 'chance it', here is the file i downloaded, hosted straight from their very own site - click here

its not a REAL virus! ;) it would seem avira is next to useless in determining whats real and what isnt, especially with trojan alerts, but i suppose thats pretty much same with ALL antivirus programs? they can never be 100% since they are essentially not running the virus, only 'scanning' it and giving a guess on what they think it could realistically be. perhaps i should make my own antivirus program, have it come back with trojan warnings 30% of the time on any file whatsoever, and ill get some great reviews ;)

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