Should I wait for the new MS replacement for XP?

  golfpro 17:19 28 Aug 2006

I have been thinking for a few weeks now, of installing an English version of XP Home over the German version on one of my computers. But would I be better off waiting for the new OS whatever its called to come on the market. When is it due does anyone know, and is there any info from Microsoft on the web on the new version.

  golfpro 17:23 28 Aug 2006

One other thing, do you think the price of XP Home will come down when Vista (yes I found the name) is introduced?

  griffon 56 17:35 28 Aug 2006

I've been running Win 98SE for the last 5 years and am only just considering changing to XP, with Linux as a dual boot. There are many like me, even in business, who persevere with earlier operating systems, especially when older programs they find useful won't run on the latest whizzbang.

From the veiled professional comments I have recently seen there is no guarantee that Vista will be any more secure than XP, and there is more than a hint from Microsoft that it won't be out soon. I think we are looking at well into 2007 before it ships. In any case, a well-patched and updated OS is surely better than a leaky, untried system which will be targetted by all the usual suspects.

I'd wait if I were you, until XP drops significantly in price and then buy it, bring it right up to date and have fewer worries.

  anskyber 17:57 28 Aug 2006

Something the FE said some time ago which has stuck in my memory. He said that once Vista is shipped expect more upgrades for XP (perhaps a service pack 3 even - my words) My understanding is that some of the improvements in Vista will appear in the upgrades. Certainly I would hope/expect XP to be priced reasonably once Vista is shipped. (in the Spring?)

If you do get XP either now or then some of the little benefits will be available, for example I have just downloaded IE 7 which I very much like compared with IE 6.

  anskyber 17:58 28 Aug 2006

If you want to see what Vista may be like click here

  X™ 18:04 28 Aug 2006

In a way Vista is more secure than XP, I use it and havn't got a single virus yet. And it is more reliable, when a program crashes, it trys to repair it in the background, and if it can't it will shut it down quickliy. It's great on the laptop, if the battery dies, Vista will keep you on track, as soon as you next boot, you are EXACTLY where you were last time. Also, it uses some Linux shells and such. So it is I would say better than XP.

  Totally-braindead 21:28 28 Aug 2006

X™ the only problem with your opinion is that Vista isn't out there yet, its a Beta version and therefore the hackers and virus writers don't bother with it.
It will be a completely different story when Vista is finally released and people start using it ak the time.
Windows XP is secure enough providing you use a bit of common sense, and keep your virus software up to date.
Personally I am one of the people that will be sticking with XP. There will be lots of problems when Vista is released with drivers and patches as well as software not running on it properly. I will stay with XP at least till the SP1 pack for Vista is released, probably much longer as it does all I ask of it and I personally feel I have no need to get a new OS just for the sake of it.
I stuck with Windows 98SE for about 3 years after XP was released and subsequently when I did make the change there were solutions for any problems I might have.
By all means buy Vista as soon as it comes out if you so wish but be aware that there will be lots of problems, there are bound to be with something as radical as a new operating system.

  Totally-braindead 21:29 28 Aug 2006

ak = all

Sorry bad typing.

  Les 21:40 28 Aug 2006

It would be as well if you checked that your machine is capable of running Vista before you buy .I'm not sure but I think that a 5 year machine (if that is what it is!) may have difficulty - could be wrong, but I would say that someone will correct me if I am <g>

  golfpro 07:21 29 Aug 2006

I have no doubt that my PC will run Vista, its a 3.80 gigahertz Pentium 4 with 200 gb hard drive, plus its new.
I think I will stick with XP, but would like it to come down in price before I buy, being as I have to purchase the full version for my needs.
So with that in mind I will wait a bit and see what happens.

"If you do get XP either now or then some of the little benefits will be available, for example I have just downloaded IE 7 which I very much like compared with IE 6."

Whats better with IE 7 over the 6, I'd like to know before I download it.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 29 Aug 2006

golfpro - don't download IE7 yet; given some of the difficulties you have experienced, you would be best waiting until IE7 is released as a complete product rather than a beta (ie testing) product.

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