Should I use Cartridge World refills?

  renard 00:12 24 Nov 2008

I have a Canon Pixma iP4500 printer.

The best price I can find for genuine ink is £7.75 per cartridge.

I have heard about Cartridge World, who as I understand it will refill my original Canon cartridge with good quality ink.

However, I have also heard that it is unsound to use anything other than original Canon ink.

Please can anyone advise me as to whether I should use these people?

  Condom 00:33 24 Nov 2008

Join the hundreds of thousands of others who have used Cartridge World all over the world. They give a good service and are reasonably cheap. I used them for some time before I went over to CISS on 2 printers without problems.

One thing to possibly be careful of is sometimes they take your cartridge and give you another which has already been filled to save time but if you want to make sure you get your own cartridge back again then you have to wait about 20 minutes. Replacement catridges are normally OK but you can never be sure how often they have been filled before whereas you know with your own one.

  lotvic 01:46 24 Nov 2008

I have a Canon Pixma MP510 and refill my own with the ink from Supermarkets, Jet Tec, JR etc.
I haven't had any problems in the last 18 months. Cartridge CLI range and I just drilled a hole in the top near where it says 'push' I saved the orange plastic covers and just tape them over the ink outlet whilst I refill (I also cover the breather slot at the top with my thumb during filling the chamber) I put a rubber bung in the hole I drilled - the bungs come with the refill kit.
Any messages on screen to say 'not genuine canon cartridge' I just click on OK and 'keep printing', eventually it asks if I want to turn off the ink sensor to measure ink left and that's what I have done now and I don't get anymore nagging screen messages.

  bronnie 222 11:31 26 Nov 2008

I have always paid a fortune for new replacement HP cartridges. I was worried about having them refilled, as where computers etc are concerned , things always seem to go pear-shaped for me!. However, I had them refilled last time, for a fraction of the usual cost. They have been every bit as good as before, in fact, they seem to be lasting longer than usual, (don't know if that's my imagination). The technician at Cartridge World did tell me not to let them run down completely, but to get them refilled before they ran out ( he likened this to not running down the petrol to nothing in your petrol tank, which is something I always do). Don't know if this is best practice or just a sales pitch?

  RobCharles1981 16:11 26 Nov 2008

I always use Cartridge World for my Printer Ink, it saves me a few bob,

lately I think you would just buy "Compatible" ink which does the same job when you go for refills.

  renard 23:36 26 Nov 2008

I am very grateful to everyone who has responded to my query.

I know it's been argued many times before, but I get rather alarmed by the scare stories about using compatibles or refills in my Canon.

I don't want to mess up my printer.

However, from what I have read here, people have used these without problem. I am now inclined to give it a try - unless someone has serious evidence to the contrary?

Many thanks again.

  johnincrete 05:51 28 Nov 2008

I have happily used Cartridge World refills on my Canon 3000 and now on the 4500. The only problem is that the printer messages about ink levels are unreliable and often say a newly filled cartridge is empty!
How do the fill-it-yourself systems cope with resetting the chip?

  dave24 16:08 28 Nov 2008

I realise that these comments relate to Canon printers, but does anybody have any views on the use of compatibles with an Epson printer?

  mooly 16:39 28 Nov 2008

For Epson I use JetTecs. My experience of compatibles was not good. The print quality was slightly inferior, the colour matching worse and had problems with some not being recognised which upset the printer so had to ditch the lot. Never again. The Epson's I use are the TO711/2/3 and 4 and Morrisons and Wilkinsons have what look like the Jettecs as their own brands.
The original JetTecs are superb and have a 90% extra life.

  BT 16:41 28 Nov 2008

I use compatibles on my Epson D92 - 711/714 series from Choice Stationery
click here

Pick 'n Mix 10 cartridges for £19.99
The last lot I had were Inkrite Compatibles and work perfectly apart from having much more ink than Epson originals.

  Ex plorer 01:59 29 Nov 2008

Hi 80% of the time I use compatibles, but... when the occasion rises to print photos I use the canon cartridges, If you are paying a high price for photo paper you need the the better quality ink if you are seriouse about the photo results.
Printer Canon Pixma ip4000

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