Should I upgrade my RAM for better speed?

  PC-NOOB 22:00 15 Jun 2017

I recently found a free 2007 Sony Vaio PCG-6N2L and have been using it with no intention of practicality however, I was curious if upgrading the RAM would be something to look into doing because it is currently unbelievably slow. I installed Linux Mint 18.1 Serena just to mess around with it and find out what is can handle, which is sadly not much but that was expected.

  wee eddie 12:06 16 Jun 2017

Old RAM tends to be expensive.

RAM rarely alters the speed but will affect, for example, the number of Tabs that you can have open

  alanrwood 18:46 16 Jun 2017

Forget it, it would be more costly than it would be worth.

  PC-NOOB 22:32 19 Jun 2017

Awesome! thanks so much for the feedback!

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