Should I upgrade my 5 year old tower or get a new one completely?

  cjkoers 01:37 02 Oct 2013

I'm wondering if it is worth it to upgrade my computer that my friend built for me. I don't know much about upgrading and help would be much appreciated.


2 g DDR2 RAM Intel duo processor, 2.4 ghz 500 g hard drive graphics card gets a 6 on the microsoft score thing (IDK if that matters)

I was thinking that my processor is pretty good, but I need more RAM right? I mainly want to upgrade to play video games. Lately they have been slowing down, and I need to delete old games to make space for new ones.

I was thinking 4 g of RAM (all I think I can get on DDR2 right?) and 1t hard drive, making my bill about 125 bucks

Or I can go long haul and spend about 500 for a whole new system. Is upgrading worth my time?

Thanks in advance.

  Batch 08:53 02 Oct 2013

As you say it is a Duo 2.4GHz CPU, I'm assuming that it is a Core2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz. That being the case, it is pretty slow by today's standards and upgrading other components may make little improvement.

However, depending on your operating system, adding more memory may help (and is a very inexpensive, quick and easy upgrade). If you are using Windows XP, then 2GB probably is enough unless you are into heavy applications (big time gaming, video editing etc.). But if you are on Vista / Win7 (especially if they are the 64bit versions), then upgrading to 4GB may make a noticeable difference as your system could be paging a lot, with high disk activity and slowing things down).

Also, as you say that you are having to delete old apps to install newer ones, it suggests that your disk could also be a bit of a bottle neck as disks do slow down as they approach full.

For around £250-300 you should be able to get a a much more powerful complete system unit (that price is without operating system).

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