Should I upgrade IE5.0?

  Fenman 11:21 06 Oct 2003

I am running Windows 98SE with IE5.0 and am being increasingly exhorted to upgrade IE for security reasons. I have resisted this in the past because of the many horror stories from others who have tried it resulting in problems like lockups, loss of data, problems with e-mails etc.. These things happen often enough without provoking the system. and I am very reluctant to take the risk.
The lower security levels available with IE5.0 don't seem to stop anything working but it is probably only a matter of time before this happens and I am pressed into getting another O.S. as support for 98SE is steadily reduced.
What should I do?

  john-232317 11:24 06 Oct 2003

Win 98. had ie6 since it came out no probs at all.

go for it.

  -pops- 11:28 06 Oct 2003

There should be no problem. It is advisable, though, to have a full system backup before you make any major alterations to your setup - you ought to have a full system backup anyway.

  Jester2K II 11:30 06 Oct 2003

Also if you don't like IE6 you'll be able to back out to IE 5.0 again.

or you could try IE5.5 SP2... click here

Personally i would go to IE6 SP2

  canard 14:26 06 Oct 2003

Did it ages ago for my Win 98 SE and liked it much better.Far more control on cookies [found cookies that last for years with IE5]. If you do it don't forget to apply MS security patch which takes it to IE6.1

  Fenman 15:40 06 Oct 2003

Thank you all for advice but understand my hesitation after reading the timely query from heathdavid.
Also does a full system backup involve buying Ghost (or some similar package) and an external Hard Disk with all the attendant carnage that promises. (Sorry about the cynicism but it's only bitter experience.)
Please see heathdavid and "Win98 hangs on boot after MS Download for IE6"
Thanks again but who will provide the confidence injection or performance guarantee?

  Stuartli 16:33 06 Oct 2003

Millions have moved onto IE6 without any problems and found it superior and with better security, although regular updating is advised for obvious reasons.

  canard 17:48 06 Oct 2003

Heathdavid's prob was not IE6 but the new update. His IE6 was previously OK. I see that the new update is not needed for IE6.1 so if you use the Sept service pack update which will turn IE6 to IE6.1 it looks as if there is no need for the new one for IE6.1 users.If there are errors in my thinking would someone please put me right.

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