Should i upgrade this computer? Or buy/build a new one?

  gregmax 16:46 27 Dec 2011

Hi guys. I don't know much about building or upgrading computers and was wondering if the heap of junk in my room is worth my time upgrading. At the moment it's terribly slow at. everything. Starting up, shutting down, loading web-pages. It's been used as a work computer and there are still a load of old files i plan on wiping from the hard drive. Anyway, here are the specs:

I want a computer for gaming, one that can run new games (not really high end games but decent and new ones.) and one that will last me a while.

So, is it worth upgrading with new hardware? If so, what? Or should i just forget it and get a new computer?

Many thanks, Greg.

  Terry Brown 20:47 27 Dec 2011

If (as you say) it has been used as a work computer - In a work enviroment- it will have been configured for office type files and not graphic work.

It could be clogged up with data files and badly need defraging, memory very low ( suggest for games - if using XP 3gb or Win 7 4gb.

It could also be something like a clogged CPU fan, causing it to run slow and /or overheat.

I would suggest you go for a new (or newer- Look out for computers being sold where other people have bought(or been given) a new one for Christmas), as now the prices should be dropping.


  Les28 21:35 27 Dec 2011

Looking at the spec you sent for the Acer Aspire T135, it could have either the slower AMD Sempron or faster AMD Athlon processor fitted, single right click your desktop icon for My Computer and single left click Properties from the list to bring up the System Properties box, what does it say on the General Tab under computer, Athlon or Sempron and any mention of RAM there as well?

Looking at the spec again it looks as if the pc came with only 256MB of RAM, which I got with my first XP machine and it's just not enough RAM for smooth running with XP. I've had 2GB RAM on my present XP machine but lost one stick so have been using just 1GB RAM for years now and performance is fine, including video editing.

The Acer motherboard takes a maximum of 2GB of RAM, if you're running XP maybe you could get another 1GB of RAM from Crucial for about £20, after clearing up all unnecessary startup and background running items, maximising free space, defragging, running windows disk clean up etc, it should perform faster.

Graphics I think are onboard so may be a limiter for game use, but you may have an AGP 8X slot for a video card, the Acer spec is very wide, maybe if you download Everest Home free and find a bit more about your pc from that. Whichever way a bit more RAM, less junk and more free space should speed things up.

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  gregmax 23:51 27 Dec 2011

Thanks guys, very helpful. Think i will just ditch it and go new. Thanks again!

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