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should i uninstall anything beforehand?

  Sonnylee 18:00 27 Apr 2019

Ok so I have just ordered a new motherboard, cpu and ram sticks (keeping same gpu) because my last rig was extremely lacking in performance. I am going to be keeping my same hard drive though and just wanted to know if before I straight up just slam the new components into my case, if I will have to uninstall any files or drivers that will cause problems for me with my new more modern parts. And if you could also tell me what those files and drivers are if there are any. I don't really care about any of the files kept on my hard drive but I still wanted to keep the hard drive to save that extra money.

note I am switching from amd to intel note 2 I am running windows 10 on my system

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 27 Apr 2019

You will probably be better off doing a clean install of windows 10 as almost every driver will be different.

The problem you may have is that your win 10 license may be at risk because you are changing so much windows will think it is a different pc

  Sonnylee 19:33 27 Apr 2019

Do you think I should just format my hard drive and delete everything on it before installing the components since I store nothing of value in my PC and most of my main things are just re-downloadable programs such as steam and stuff like that, and purchase a new windows CD key on kinguin?

  Sonnylee 19:36 27 Apr 2019

@Fruit Bat/\0/\

forgot to @ you

  rickf 20:23 27 Apr 2019

Wins 10 will take it as a new PC and it probably won't even boot up. Follow FruitBat's advice.

  lotvic 20:41 27 Apr 2019

kinguin is a market place for individuals selling secondhand keys, there is no guarantee that the key you buy is not already in use. If it seems the price is too good to be true...

  Sonnylee 22:12 27 Apr 2019

So should I format my hard drive and delete everything before switching out my parts? And get a windows cd key?

  Menzie 22:56 27 Apr 2019

The current Windows 10 key should be fine on the new system so another key shouldn't be necessary.

I recently changed my CPU, Motherboard, RAM, and changed my OS drive from an SSD to an M2 NVME. My key activated on the upgraded setup without issue.

If after installation the OS doesn't activate for you then get a new key.

Kinguin can be good, I got Office 2016 off there 3 years ago and have had no issues. Of course not every seller is created equal so it can be a matter of luck. However some online publications have even started recommending them for the OS portion in budget builds.

  rickf 15:57 28 Apr 2019

You don't need another product key code. I would save all your documents via usb stick or an external drive. Then format the hard drive before the new installation. When ask to enter keycode just use your old one and it should work fine.

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