Should i swap or am i getting ripped off?

  Waffelmaniaa 20:03 15 Jan 2013

Okay so i was looking to build myself a new computer, Mid range. around 350-400 pounds. To get some of this money i was selling my laptop on gumtree for around 190 pounds so this guy rings me up after seeing my ad and says to me, would you like to swap a desktop pc for your laptop. I asked him for the specs of his PC and he tells me its a 'server ' motherboard or something. links me this tells me that his graphics card is onboard, and he has 2 AMD 3.3GHz bulldozer Processers that he will give me with it. what do i do ?

  Ian in Northampton 20:09 15 Jan 2013

Well, I'd be very surprised if that motherboard is worth £190.

Hmmm... See here, though.

If it really is worth that, you might be getting a) a bargain, or b) far more than you want/need for a £300-400 PC. Is he offering you just the motherboard, or a complete system built around this motherboard?

  Woolwell 20:11 15 Jan 2013

Is it used? If so it sounds like an ex-server which may have been used extensively by a business. Some of these have been sold cheaply on e-bay. You don't mention your laptop specs. Personally I would steer clear.

  Woolwell 20:13 15 Jan 2013

Ps what is he offering? A fully built desktop or a motherboard plus CPU's? What do you want the new pc to do?

  Waffelmaniaa 20:34 15 Jan 2013

I think i have decided to stay clear of this as i dont trust it, He is offering me a full PC build. Allso says he plays modern warfare 2 on it etc but i want a gaming pc that will be able to run battlefield 3 on medium-high graphics atleast.

  finerty 06:48 16 Jan 2013

be weary, might be to good to be true, unless its off the backof a lorry.

  Ian in Northampton 09:09 16 Jan 2013

Waffelmaniaa: you may want the challenge of buiding it yourself. However, for Christmas, I got my son the new gaming machine he wanted from ViBox (with whom I have no relationship other than as a very satisfied customer). For just north of £400, it included a quad core AMD FX4100 overclocked to 4.0GHz, 8GB of RAM and a GTX560SE. He can now play BF3 on the settings he wants - and also Planetside, which I understand is a graphically even more demanding game.

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