Should I stay or should I go now? Sky BB

  2neat 14:59 15 Feb 2007

Been with Tiscali for nearly a year now.
Sky BB is coming soon. Will pay £5pm for Sky. Currently paying £14.99 2mB for Ticali!
Been reading horror stories about Sky BB. How many users are on Sky & have been happy with the service?

  2neat 15:11 15 Feb 2007

yes by sky 5x12=£60
Other 14.99x12=£179.88

Big difference!
Is sky BB that crap as not to save this dosh?

  mobileman1953 15:31 15 Feb 2007

been with sky for 2 weeks now free package no problems as yet

  bluto1 19:19 15 Feb 2007

I`ve been trying to get my MAC from Tiscali for 3 weeks now but there`s never an answer to my phone calls. If you`ve any success let me know please.

  martytoon 19:31 15 Feb 2007

Been with Sky for 2 weeks now and very happy. No loss of connection, email works fine and good download speeds.

My only contact with customer services was when I ordered BB. This took a couple of minutes, router arrived 3 days later and activation was 5 days after that. Everything worked out of the box.

I know Sky did have a lot of teething problems but they do appear to be getting on top of it. At £5 per month for 8mbps d/load compared to £23 for 512kbps I'm pretty pleased!

  2neat 20:22 15 Feb 2007

I heard on the radio there has been a big shake up re MAC codes. They will fine ISP's who bend the rules!

  2neat 20:25 15 Feb 2007

has anyone been long term with Sky BB?
By the way Sky+ is the only way to watch tv.
No more adverts :-)

  2neat 23:25 15 Feb 2007


  2neat 11:06 16 Feb 2007

has anyone been long term with Sky BB?????

  RobCharles1981 11:20 16 Feb 2007

Looks a good offer to I must say.

But what is the support service like? No Transfers to India???

  2neat 23:34 16 Feb 2007

"No Transfers to India" yeah right. They all seem to be at that game now. Last time I spoke to Dell got person in India who then transferred me to someone in Ireland. Both were hard to understand!

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