Should I regularly clear out Windoes Prefetch Fold

  Amer 23:10 11 Apr 2004


Some help from someone if possible please.

I was advise that I should regularly clear out a folder in Windows called Prefetch. Is this true and does it mean literally deleting all the files in this folder or have I misunderstood.

Thanks in advance for any help

Amer Khalil

  hugh-265156 23:14 11 Apr 2004

this will clean up safely click here

  VoG II 23:18 11 Apr 2004

click here click on Jester2K freeware then on Windows XP Prefetch Clean And Control.

  Amer 23:34 11 Apr 2004

I have installed the programme and selected the recommended setting and reboooted. Is that all I need to do.

Nothing obvious when I rebooted to confirm that the Prefetch folder is being appropriately mananged.

Do I leave it at that?


  AndySD 23:36 11 Apr 2004

If its Jesters then yes it just sits there and works.

  billyliv 00:11 12 Apr 2004

Hi, We live and learn, Up to now I've never heard of a 'Prefetch Folder'. What does it do and how do I access it?. Cheers, Bill

  romanab 00:13 12 Apr 2004

I am also all ears. :@)

  AndySD 00:14 12 Apr 2004

Taken From Microsoft Website -
"Windows XP monitors the files that are used when the computer starts and when you start applications. By monitoring these files, Windows XP can Prefetch them. Prefetching data is the process whereby data that is expected to be requested is read ahead into the cache. Prefetching boot files and applications decreases the time needed to start Windows XP and start applications."

This information is logged and stored on your hard drive taking up space and requiring a process to be kept running monitoring which applications are being run. This has a performance impact on your PC. Disabling the Prefetch function or at least only enabling it for the Boot Files will allow you to free up some system resources and preserve some disk space.


  AndySD 00:16 12 Apr 2004


Info above form Jesters site click here

  hugh-265156 00:19 12 Apr 2004
  Forum Editor 00:25 12 Apr 2004

just launch Word, or Excel for instance and themn close the program. Now launch it again - see how much faster it loads the second time? That's Prefetch at work.

Prefetch watches what programs load at startup, and what you load as you work, and it tries to guess which files are going to be needed. It then reads these files into the cache in expectation - that's what makes your program load so quickly the second time. You can disable Prefetch altogether if you feel it's impacting on your computer's performance, but to be honest, with modern computers you would have to be remarkably observant and posssess a very precise stopwatch to detect the difference.

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