Should I Re-format!

  spuds 12:00 09 Apr 2005

Seem to be getting a number of error messages of late. Trying to load new programmes from recently purchased Cd's, and being told that they have loaded successfully, but I am unable to use the programmes through various 'error's'. In general a complete annoying affair.

Correct me if I am wrong: Running XP Home- Put original cd in drive and let the cd overwrite the original programme. This should clear up the mess!. Am I thinking right!.

What are the pros and cons. What should I be carefull about. Treat this inquiry as a beginners course for the un-initiated.

Many thanks as usual, for help in solving a senile surfers problems.

  mattyc_92 12:13 09 Apr 2005

Yes you can overwrite your current windows, but sometimes you will be told that the version installed is newer than the one on the installation disk....

If this happens, just boot from the disk....

You will have to re-install ALL updates from the Windows Updates site whichever way you do this....

Also, re-installing Windows sometimes removes registry keys for Third Party software, and will end up having to re-install them....

I suggest that you backup your favourites, my documents, etc incase there is a problem.... If you have the installation disks for your programs, and you have the time, format the system and start fresh... This will re-move everything off the system, thus removing the errors and speeds up your system as there isn't any Cache files..... But this is a long process... The last time I done this, it look me 7 hours.....

When you have sorted out your system, I recommend a backup program like "Acronis True Image" or "Norton Ghost" (most members of this forum prefer Acronis).....

  spuds 12:49 09 Apr 2005

Thanks mattyc, looks like a long process due to the amount of junk that I have on my machine.Don't look forward to the 7+ hours though!.

I run regular back-ups,and I also have a cover disk Acronis lying around somewhere.

  rawprawn 14:36 09 Apr 2005

Have you tried simply running a system file check ?

  mattyc_92 14:37 09 Apr 2005

Well revert your system then as this will save you some headaches and long hours at the computer.... lol

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