Should I keep Itunes folder on External HD to transfer to new Desktop PC??

  julius44 02:46 26 Apr 2011

Hello and good morning to u all. I have a slight dilemma please. I'm just in the process of upgrading my 5 year old XP desktop to a new 64 bit windows 7 desktop. Currently my itunes library is on my external seagate 1tb harddrive, and hence this creates more space on the desktop pc.

When the new desktop arrives it'll already have 1tb internal drive on it. So do u think its advisable to keep the itunes library on the external drive OR transfer my library to my new Desktop pc please??

Also IF i wanted to transfer my itunes library ONTO my desktop pc, from my external drive, (drive E) can i do this please without any hassle. The music I have on my external hard drive is of the utmost importance to me and my life, lol!!!

  bremner 07:20 26 Apr 2011

If the music is "of utmost importance" then it MUST be kept on at least two storage devices.

We constantly get postings along the lines "my internal/external hard drive has failed"

You should copy the music to your new computer and leave it on the external drive.

  robin_x 10:57 26 Apr 2011

It would be an idea to mainly have Windows on your new C: partition at a reduced size of say 64Gb or 128GB say.

The rest of the 1TB would then be other partitions for (Recovery and Boot) and data/docs/music/itunes/photos etc.

It is then easy to setup regular backup images and backups to the ext 1TB.

For large downloads that could be downloaded again at a pinch, a single copy on the external drive would be OK if your 2 x 1TB fills up.

For all important stuff, lack of space means buy another ext drive.

Together with Recovery and Emergency Boot and Repair DVDS you will be bombproof near enough.

New PC should prompt you what to make.

As to exact procedure for moving itunes folder, I don't know but many do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 26 Apr 2011

If its important have at least three copies on three different sources.

If you have it you'll never need it, if you don't have it then you will definitely need it.

click here on how to back up itunes

  julius44 23:00 27 Apr 2011

Hello there again, Bremner, thanks for your replay and I shall def take your advice and back it up on BOTH the new desktop and keep it on the external hard drive,...but i'm a bit confused about something....if i back up the music to my new desktop,..then itunes will read the music from my desktop hard drive, and thats ok, BUT i want to be alble to back up ANY new music i purchase to my 1tb external hard drive and i'm a bit confused HOW i could do this via itunes to also back it up to my external drive at same time. For instance at present....all my music is stored ONLY on my 1tb external hard drive and under advanced itunes folder media location is my E; drive. so if i disconnected my E: drive from my desktop, than itunes is unable to locate my source files(s) When I currently consolidate my itunes library ALL my songs are backed up to the itunes folder on my external e drive.(I hope i'm making sense) I don't know how to back up my songs to BOTH the external E: hard drive, and my new desktops hard drive at same time, so any help/advice would be much appreciated, from Bremner, or anyone please.

  john bunyan 23:51 27 Apr 2011

I would keep the i Tunes settings as they are now. Then, as the actual iTunes programme files are on the c: drive and the "i Tunes" folders including the "media files " are on the e: drive, simply use a programme such as "Synch Toy" or Freefilesynch to copy the whole iTunes folder to another drive and / or partition. I have my main i tunes folder on F drive (a data partition of my main disc), and do a synch copy to a second built in hd and another to a USB HD - a total of 3 copies as Fruit Bat says. The advantage of copying the whole i Tunes foler is that the library index etc is copied.

  john bunyan 23:54 27 Apr 2011

PS as your new drive is so big, I agree with robinofloxley's suggestion of partitioning it as he says, and proceeding as my post.

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