Should I install IE7?

  Guady 16:38 04 Nov 2006

MS tell me that IE7 is available for download / install via "Updates" - My question is: What do people think about IE7 now? Having looked at some of the threads re the Beta, it seems that not everyone found it straightforward or an improvement. This makes me wonder whether to stick with what I've got for the moment - Any help would be much appreciated - please!

  anskyber 16:50 04 Nov 2006

Its very good indeed. It is important to have a look at the release notes. click here The important thing is to update any add ins like toolbars (google eg) to make sure you have IE7 compliant versions.

Also when installing disable your anti virus, thats installing not downloading by the way. are you on BT braodband internet?

  fleamailman 16:50 04 Nov 2006

It seems there are quite a lot of threads on computer forums about Internet not working or the computer suddenly freezing meaning that my advice remains wait until the update before going for it, me I will wait about six months before changing.

  rdave13 16:54 04 Nov 2006

Same as anskyber, it's a good browser. No problems with it. I find i'm using it more than Opera.

  engsurv 17:07 04 Nov 2006

Yes IE7 looks good but it does conflict with other programs. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to get a BTyahoo product to work only to be told it would not work with IE7. So beware!

  Guady 17:07 04 Nov 2006

Still not really sure what to do - Especially in view of the need to switch off the AntiVirus. Is this essential? My problem is - I don't think I CAN switch off my AntiVirus! I'm based in Spain and have Telefonica ADSL, with their own version of McAfee Total Protection - What I see on screen does not coincide with the instruction manual downloaded at the same time as the program and I can't find any way to switch it off!! I've been in touch with Telefonica but can't get an answer from them - As soon as I switch on the PC, the Virus Checker starts up automatically.

  anskyber 17:11 04 Nov 2006

Do you have an icon for McAfee in your notification area? If so right click to get options to disable. otherwise it could be in all programs, again right click the icon.

  Zak 17:12 04 Nov 2006

Download IE7 setup file. Then disconnect from your Broadband - either switch off router or unplug ethernet cable or USB cable. Close any anti virus progs or firewalls on your PC and run the IE7 setup file. Once installed you can connect your modem/router.

  pcbobby 18:10 04 Nov 2006

I tried IE7. But was not happy,I restored to IE6 which I find does the job just as well.

  arris 19:55 04 Nov 2006

I hate the fact that you cant hide the command bar, or move everything on the toolbar around so you can have it how you want. I dont think there is any need to have the address bar that long, I wanna be able to shorten it and fit Google Toolbar in there somewhere...bleedin microsoft swines!

  missjosy 20:08 04 Nov 2006

I agree with pcbobby. Should have listened to my dad- if it ain't broken- dont fix it!!

Ok, some folks consider it great!
but for me . Yuk!

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