should I go wireless

  the lone ranger 10:31 28 Aug 2006

Hi peeps, basically I want to free up my phone line for a phone extension and would welcome any suggestions as to the best way forward.
I currently use a BT Voyager modem and get 8mb broadband speed from AOL (unfortunately).
After reading through some posts I see there are many problems with the wireless route so is it worth the aggro. I am relatively good with the finer workings of a PC so don`t think installation would be a problem for me.
I only use my desktop and never connect my PS2 for on-line gaming so would it be worthwhile.
Any recommendations to a particular model would also be welcome.

  FelixTCat 11:03 28 Aug 2006

lone ranger,

I'm not clear what problem it is that you are trying to solve. If you have put in a microfilter at the phone point, you have already freed up my phone line for a phone extension. Simply plug a phone into the phone outlet of the microfilter.

Is the problem something else?



  the lone ranger 11:24 28 Aug 2006

Hi Felix.....reading through some more posts I think I`m being stupid.
Am I correct in thinking that using a wireless connection, I would still have to plug something into my phone line?
I basically wanted to free up the connection from my ADSL modem to the phone point to save the cable running accross my hallway and tripping over it. My PC and phone line are in different rooms.
Does this make sense??????


  FelixTCat 12:15 28 Aug 2006


OK, thanks for that. Now I understand.

Since the adsl signal comes through the phone line, you will always have to connect your modem to the phone point.

You have 2 options if you want to avoid a phone lead trailing across the floor:

1. use an adsl modem wireless router.

2. fit a extension socket to your phone.

If you follow option 1, your phone will still be across the hallway, so if it rings you will have to get up to answer it.

Option 2 is for lazy people like me. You can buy very cheaply (much cheaper than a wireless modem router) a home phone extension kit (you already seem to have most of it). All you have to do is tack it around the door jambs or run it around the hall under the carpet and fix an extension socket to the wall by your pc. Bingo - phone and pc at the same place. You can still have an extension phone in the hall - just make sure that you have a microfilter in the hall and at your new extension socket.

Setting up a modem wireless router isn't too difficult, but you will also need a wireless adapter for your pc.



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