Should I get a used company computer for parts?

  cjkoers 13:44 29 Jul 2014

My company is selling their 7 year old computers for 25 dollars so I figured I would pick one up and use the parts to make a better computer. I was hoping to use the case, fan and power supply, and put in a new motherboard, processor, graphics card and anything else I might need.

The problem is that I am worried that the case is "purpose built" from Dell, and therefore couldn't fit a new motherboard. Or perhaps the power supply is purpose built for what they need, so if I add anything, I will draw more power that it could handle.

Here are the specs for the computer. I know it is only 25 dollars but is it worth my time and money to buy this stuff?

click here

  Ian in Northampton 14:22 29 Jul 2014

In my opinion, the parts in a 7 year old computer are likely to be all but worthless. Plus, if, as you say, it's a Dell, then many of them are likely to be custom parts (in my experience with Dells, they're much harder to upgrade than a standard, off the shelf grey box PC). Personally, I'd keep my $25 in my pocket - as good a deal as it may seem.

  Ian in Northampton 14:23 29 Jul 2014

... although what I would say is that, for a working PC, $25 isn't a bad price to pay for a second machine to keep you up and running - even in a limited fashion - if your primary PC falls over, for whatever reason.

  wee eddie 14:27 29 Jul 2014

Probably no OS, so you'd have to install Linux

  spuds 16:02 29 Jul 2014

Over the years I have purchased quite a number of computer and computer related kit, mainly from auction houses, usually in bulk. I was either able to make use or sell on quickly, usually recovering any costs.

I have just put 'Dell Precision 390 Workstation' into a UK Ebay search, and quite a number of listings came up for this particular model, including some from the USA. A refurbished unit complete with W7 64bit sells for about £129.99 including free postage here in the UK.

  cjkoers 16:46 29 Jul 2014

Thanks for the responses everyone. The computer does have windows XP installed and ready to go. I am currently looking on Ebay at a few similar computers are selling. There are some advertised but not many bidders.

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