Should I get an External Souncard (Budding Itunes bod I guess)

  The Potter 23:46 13 Sep 2011

I have reaper, I have garritan (recorded in reaper), I'm soon to have 'atmosphere dulex'and 'symphonic choirs'.

I have 2 laptops and a desktop PC. Only soundcard is an soundmax internal card on the pc.

Let's say, I master all this (no probs for You Tube vids, as I currently undertsand it - using vegas pro); is it worth my while spending something like £30 on an external souncard like this (not researched):,or.rgc.rpw.&biw=1366&bih=616&wrapid=tlif131595224608910&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=6261784420174717285&sa=X&ei=eNZvTpCAM8X0-gbE2bmoCQ&sqi=2&ved=0CG8Q8wIwBA#

if I am ever to turn the final product into something of an acceptable quality for folk to pay for (on Itunes for example)?

Please understand, I am NOT the musician, I'm trying to be the technician and get all the parts in to one whole, best quality as my/our very modest budget allows for.

Max ram available is 5gb in one of the laptops, win7 on laptops, xp on pc which is the only one right now that has a soundcard and can record the atmosphere stuff (symphonic choir not yet purchased so not sure how that will be recorded yet......)

Many thanks

TP (former budding PC geek, now forced (quite pleasantly, but embarrassingly) into budding home studio recording expert ........

  The Potter 23:50 13 Sep 2011,or.rgc.rpw.&biw=1366&bih=616&wrapid=tlif131595224608910&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=6261784420174717285&sa=X&ei=eNZvTpCAM8X0-gbE2bmoCQ&sqi=2&ved=0CG8Q8wIwBA#

Maybe this will work?

  The Potter 23:56 13 Sep 2011

Sorry it doesn't and I can't see how PCA will let me edit the post :-(

The title is: Trust Sound Expert 510EX USB 5.1 Sound Expert External Sound card - 48 kHz - 16-bit

But having finally managed that, I need 24 bit don't I?! Hopefully you get the idea - a box rather than something that looks like a memory stick?


  100andthirty 06:26 15 Sep 2011

Forgive me asking a very basic question but what do you want the external sound card for? Is it to get sounds onto your laptop or to improve how you hear the sounds? Framkly, if the latter you'd get much better value from decsnt loudspeakers before it's worth getting the sound card. From what you've said you have the material you want to esit using Vegas Pro on your computer already. So all this material is in the digital domain. If ypou want to mix or apply effects, this will be done digitally using software. Mixing and mastering will also be done in software.

However, if you are using the laptop to record live music, say, especially if it's to in-sync with a backing track played by your computer, then an external sound card with low latency will be what you need. Creative - possibly their professional seriex, M-Audio or Asus are brands to look at.

  The Potter 21:38 16 Sep 2011

Thank you.

What I need to be able to do right now is record the sound the comes from software on my computer - I hope that makes sense? I want to create.wav files of a good quality and just wonder if an external sound card would give me better quality results; however, I feel from what you are saying, if they are digital already then (.wav) I wouldn't gain anything because I would use other software to do that, to make any changes.

But, if I wanted to record someone singing into the pc with a mic (for example), sound card would be better.

I hope I've got that right!

  100andthirty 07:43 17 Sep 2011

Yes you are right.

the only reason you might need a high quality external sound card is to convert analogue sound - eg from a microphone - to digital, or output from digital to an analogue medium such as speakers.

That said, you can get micropones that plug into USB (they have a little analogue to digital converter built in), and you can get speakers that plug into USB too.

As an example, I have an external sound card that I use to connect to an old vinyl turntable so that I can convert LPs to mp3, or old tapes. My laptop doesn't have a line in socket!

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