Should I get an Extended Warranty/ Insurance from a Third Party?

  david.walker.91 20:50 29 Oct 2013

My external hard drive broke the other day, just outside of it's year warranty, and I need somewhere to redo my iTunes library, backups (as I had a copy for mine and both my parents' laptops).

I had a 750GB Seagate which was 75% or so full so, when it came to choosing a new one, I thought it'd be better to get something a decent amount bigger to store what I had on it and then all the stuff that'll be obtained in the future.

I have found one place which MAY insure me (although their site is unclear, thus I have contacted them), but I was wondering if there was a version of Protect Your Bubble or the like which would insure/ add a warranty to one?

Anyway, the two drives I've been looking at and that warranty site are as below (just in case anyone wants to see what I'm looking at):

click here free to comment on my choices/ recommend otherwise (I went for these two stores as they're roughly the cheapest and offer NUS discount!)


  Batch 08:51 30 Oct 2013

Not sure what you are trying to insure against? Do you mean an extended warranty for a hard drive? It hardly seems worth it as they aren't that expensive to buy anyhow.

In any event, you've been unlucky if the hard drive has failed after one year. They should really last for many years (many hard dives come with a 2 or 3 year warranty anyhow, although when included in an external box the warranty tends to be less).

Are you sure that the drive has actually failed or has it just become corrupted (this can happen if such drives are physically disconnected without first using the operating system to stand down the drive)? If this is the case, a simple reformat may solve the problem.

  LastChip 12:25 30 Oct 2013

Forget insurance, just back the data up. It's cheaper and doesn't come with excesses and get out clauses.

  mole1944 14:20 30 Oct 2013

Do as I do use acronis to clone your drive I clone alternately to two drives, and bonus if you have a western digital drive on your system or just plugged in you can get a free cut down copy of it on there site

  BRYNIT 14:43 30 Oct 2013

You say your external hard drive has failed but you do not say how.

As its out of warranty have you tried removing the drive from the enclosure to check if the fault is with the drive and not just the circuit board in the enclosure. If the problem is with the enclosure you can just buy another one.

  Batch 09:43 31 Oct 2013

Try this one for size Samsung 3TB External HDD from ebuyer @ £79.99 right now AND comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

  chub_tor 10:03 31 Oct 2013

If you feel that you need to back up to an external hard drive then do as Batch suggests and buy a big one with a 3 year warranty but remember that if it goes wrong your drive will be replaced but not your data. Think instead about backing up to the cloud using Dropbox, windows SkyDrive or one of the other dozen or so companies that provide cloud backup; available wherever you are and nothing to carry around.

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