Should I format?

  BigMan24 19:11 09 Sep 2004

Hi there,

I’m wondering if you could help me out. I bought a Samsung laptop from PC World almost a year ago, and recently I’ve been having some problems. It’s not the laptop itself, it’s more a problem with the software on it.

I’m running Windows XP Home, and using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Everytime I use the internet my homepage changes to search site with “about:blank” in the address bar. When surfing the net, I get a large number of pop-ups which can be very annoying.

I’ve used all sorts of programs to try and get rid of them including Spybot Search and Destroy, and Ad-aware, along with an up to date virus scanner but they only get rid of them for a couple of hours then they are back annoying me!

Someone said to me it might be worthwhile formatting the hard drive, and starting from scratch. This is something which I want to do. Could you tell me how to go about doing this?

I’m also thinking of changing my browser to Mozilla’s Firefox, because I’ve heard it might be IE that’s at fault for some of the malware (I thinkit’s called) on my system. Do you think this is a good idea? Or would you recommend another browser, or possibly staying with IE?

Also, something which I think complicates things: when I bought my laptop, I did not get a copy of Windows XP Home with my laptop, it’s actually just a recovery disk. Does this mean I cannot format my drive? If I do format my drive will I need a full version of XP Home to install on my computer?

Obviously I want to format my drive to get rid of any of the malware on my computer, but I want to save some of my files onto an external hard drive, so I can use them on my formatted computer. But, is there a chance of some of these saved files bringing any of the malware with them?

Thanks very much, and I’m sorry for the long story!



  Dorsai 19:19 09 Sep 2004

Nope, i would not start by using the last resort.

click here

click here

click here

try these. Ad aware, spybot search and destroy, a squared.

These should sort it.

After you down load, remember to run the update option before you run the prog it'self

You have been home page hijacked.

Should do the trick.

  MichelleC 19:23 09 Sep 2004

Use the recovery disc to revert to factory settings and it'll quick format and reload xp plus the bundled progs. It's a risk to save data potentially infected but if you save it to ex hd which has uptodate adaware and av there's less chance of infection.

  Dorsai 19:24 09 Sep 2004

Sorry, should read more fully before posting. But they should work. Have you fully updated XP from MS?

Firefox Is good though.

  leooleo 19:28 09 Sep 2004

Try disabling Active X features in IE. Tools/internet options/security/custom levels
you can either disable it or ask it to prompt you when a web page request access to it. That's how I've sorted it out myself...

hope it helps

  Graham ® 19:29 09 Sep 2004

Also try CoolWebshredder click here

  Graham ® 19:31 09 Sep 2004

It's down at the moment! :-(

  Graham ® 19:34 09 Sep 2004

Try this site click here

  BigMan24 19:34 09 Sep 2004

I couldn't get SP2 from MS if thats what u mean, I don't know what the problem was. But I've tried dl and installing it a couple of times, but it comes up with an error 80070002. I've looked through the troubleshoot on MS update, but can't seem to find anything helpfull.

I'll try a2 before any formatting.

Thanks for the quick reply!

  SEASHANTY 19:35 09 Sep 2004

Some info on this forum about Aboutblank homepage Hijacker click here

  SEASHANTY 19:41 09 Sep 2004

...and here is another link for Removal of About Blank click here

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