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Should I dump microsoft Excel?

  Housten 12:49 09 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, I was reading in the magazine PC PRO that if one has Excel from 2015 or so it should be dumped. I am still using Microsoft Office Professional 2003. I find it does everything I need, so I see no need to dump it!! Or am I missing something??

  Forum Editor 09:13 11 Apr 2018


" read my post please"

I don't need to do that, I was quite capable of understanding it the first time. I simply posted what Microsoft has told me - that there will be no further security updates or software updates for Microsoft Office 2007.

It's not unusual for Microsoft to continue to release some updates after the published end of life dates on its software, but the fact remains that it could cease at any moment. It's always wise to migrate to a newer version when an 'end of support' date comes around.

  wee eddie 10:10 11 Apr 2018

Of course, you can always carry on using it on a Computer that is "Never" connected to the Internet

  Housten 16:15 11 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Thank you all for your posts. I use Excel on my computer for my own spread sheets. I am 74 plus and rarely send sheets of any description by email. I think I will stick with what I have got. I am grateful - mostly - to everyone who contributed a post to this subject!!

  Housten 12:32 12 Apr 2018

Good Morning, Gentlemen,

Many thanks to everyone who posted a reply. Based on what has been said I will be sticking to my version of Excel, thank you very much.

  Forum Editor 14:59 12 Apr 2018

"I am 74 plus and rarely send sheets of any description by email."

Understood, but that doesn't mean the software itself is not vulnerable to exploit or infection whenever you browse the internet.

It's a small risk, admittedly, but it exists.

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