Should I dump microsoft Excel?

  Housten 12:49 09 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, I was reading in the magazine PC PRO that if one has Excel from 2015 or so it should be dumped. I am still using Microsoft Office Professional 2003. I find it does everything I need, so I see no need to dump it!! Or am I missing something??

  Gordon Freeman 12:58 09 Apr 2018

You have a link to that article? I personally wouldn't 'dump' excel; great tool in my opinion.

  lotvic 13:04 09 Apr 2018

Did article give a reason?

  Gordon Freeman 13:11 09 Apr 2018

Yes, I'd be interested in that too, and what they suggest as an alternative.

Like I said, imho, excel is a great tool [office 2016 version].

  Housten 16:52 10 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

As I said the article start's on Page 30 of PC PRO that is dated June 2018. I only got it a couple of days or so ago and assumed that forum members all got the magazine. The article suggests that Microsoft have grown complacent and Office 365 has fallen behind other programmes. And I was just wondering what members on here felt about Office 365. As I haven't updated what we use I really see no reason to upgrade but I would like to know other people's opinions.

  Gordon Freeman 17:11 10 Apr 2018

Hi Housten, if I was you I'd ignore the article; office 365/2016 is the best it's ever been, in my opinion, & I wouldn't use, or recommend, anything other than MS Office suite, regardless of what PC Pro, or any other magazine, might suggest.

Most, if not all, UK businesses [& worldwide I would assume] use MS Office [Word/Excel/Visio etc.], so if it's good enough for them, I'm sure it's good enough for the rest of us in whatever big/small way we choose to use it.

  lotvic 17:14 10 Apr 2018

Err... This is IDG TechAdvisor forum, previously PCAdvisor, magazine and forum. Paper magazine was discontinued ages ago.

Nothing to do with PC Pro magazine.

  lotvic 17:42 10 Apr 2018

My last post may not be quite correct. Seems existing subs were transferred to PC PRO magazine after PCAdvisor stopped publication. See Thread click here

  wiganken2 18:17 10 Apr 2018

The only reason to upgrade your Office 2003 version is that it is no longer supported by Microsoft who stopped supporting it on 8th April 2014 so it will not have been updated since then. Of course this does not matter if you only use it to create your own spreadsheets on your own computer. The risk increases if you start to share or download spreadsheets via the internet or email. Be diligent and make sure you have a good computer security program installed.

  Forum Editor 18:53 10 Apr 2018

Because Microsoft has ceased support for your version of Excel, you will no longer receive software updates. More importantly, you will no longer get any security updates, and that could mean that you are exposed if you spend much time online.

As for Office 365, I wouldn't be without it - I use it every day, and it is capable of doing everything I need it to do...and much more besides. It is consistently well-reviewed in the business world, and deservedly so.

  KEITH 1955 21:19 10 Apr 2018

With regards to Microsoft saying that are stopping support for older office software they don't seem to be sticking to that statement , I have office home and student 2007 and even though they said last year they were stopping support for it I still get updates and patches. As you know today is " 2nd Tuesday " and I got some updates for word and other parts of the package.

As far as I am aware the only way I know of getting a virus through a office type program is if you open an infected email attachment , if I ever get any emails with attachments I use my spare pc to open them , if they are clean I forward them to myself on my main pc.

Here's something for you all to think about , my package is 11 years old and I still get fixes on a regular basis so I got to ask the question , how secure was it when it was first released.

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