Should I buy a pda?

  Cam-330894 00:47 28 Jun 2005

Hi folks. I would like to tax your colective brains. As a teacher I need to make short notes and plan appointments (particularly holidays) on a regular basis. :-) At the moment I use a tatty paper notebook. I was wondering if a pda would make my life easier without too much of a cost. Are there any advantages to be gained by using an electronic device. As it says in the best exams, discuss.....

  Forum Editor 01:39 28 Jun 2005

you need to get into a PDA frame of mind. Some people find them totally useless, whilst others would rather have pins stuck in the eyes than lose their PDA.

I have one that picks up my email wirelessly, and I use it to carry the odd few files around on my travels if I don't fancy carting my laptop about. It's useful in a way, but to be brutally frank I think I still prefer my trusty Filofax. I know that's heresy coming from me, but it's true. I'll kill to keep my laptop, but my PDA hasn't really made my life that much easier......apart from the wireless email thing, and that's definitely worth having.

The problem with a PDA is that you can't actually jot down the odd note that easily - the onscreen keyboard is a tad fiddly, and the handwriting recognition is abysmal. Added to which you have to go through the faff of switching the thing on and off, dropping the stylus at the worst moments, and then finding that at a critical moment you get a low battery warning.

Really decent PDA = around £200 to £300

Really decent Filofax (personal size) = about £45

Now I'll fall on my sword.

  exdragon 09:24 28 Jun 2005

I can't be sure if you've made my day or cast me into the depths of despair... As a self confessed technofreak who wants anything with a plug on or battery in it *now*, I've been trying to convince myself that my pda is the best thing since sliced bread, but secretly I know it was excellent advertising which persuaded me to part with my hard earned cash. It was brought home to me recently when I tried to make an optician's appointment, fumbled for several minutes then had to ring up from home to confirm the time. Its second battery is about to expire, so it may be quietly consigned to a drawer...

Think I may put an old fashioned diary on my Christmas list, although it goes against the grain and will cause many cries of, 'I told you so!' from the other half.

brasscutter - take heed of FE's words of wisdom!

  Kate B 19:17 28 Jun 2005

I'm half with the FE - the PDA is useless for making notes on the go. A tech freak's answer to that might be something like a digital voice recorder (which in fact you can use some PDAs for) but for old-fashioned notes I use a tatty notebook, too.

still, I'd hate to lose my PDA, which contains all my contacts, picks up my email wireless and most importantly is the portable version of my Outlook diary, without which I am lost.

  exdragon 19:34 28 Jun 2005

Tried a digital recorder once, but it kept playing back every time I rooted around in my handbag.... No switch off button... :((

  mike1967 19:46 28 Jun 2005

the answer is no

  Cam-330894 20:29 28 Jun 2005

It is always good to listen to those that have walked the path. I was thinking about one but I think the money would be better spent on a new tatty paper note book and a large usb memory drive. I think I really am a technofreak.
Thanks again.

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