Should I buy a LCD or a CRT

  Sonu 20:17 15 Jul 2003

I am purchasing a new system with the following
[email protected]
Auus P4C800 Deluxe
1gig RAM
Audigy 2
Geforce 5900Ultra(Gainward)
And I am stuck up with weather or not i should buy a LCD or a CRT. The LCD i am looking is a Viewsonic VP171B with response time of 16ms
and the CRT That I have in mind is Viewsonic P95F+B
I play a lot of games but I wouldn't call my self a hardcore gamer, so based on above data what would you suggest

  akzah 20:28 15 Jul 2003

I have heard that Games are better on CRT screens as they don't blur as much on LCDs.

Check for reviews and things about monitors.


  PA28 20:30 15 Jul 2003

There's pots of posts on this subject throughout this forum - do a quick search and you'll be overwhelmed. It seems that there are two very divided camps here - those who swear by CRTS and those who are equally keen on LCDs. I fall into the latter camp and would not go back to CRT - I've got less eyestrain and my deskspace back. Equally, the other school will say CRTs are best for games (I find LCDs fine for those too!).

You pays your money and you takes your choice. For me, having owned an LCD for over a year now, no contest.

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:33 15 Jul 2003

I have worked as a professional translator, and as such I often used to spend 10-16 hours at a time at my screen. The eye-strain eventually got so bad that I bought a 15" LCD (to replace my 17" CRT - which had a screenfilter-), even though prices were twice as high as today. My problems were virtually solved. Obviously I still need breaks from the screen, but I can use it for much much longer without any serious discomfort. (Incidentally, when it comes to avoiding eye-strain, I would recommend not buying a screen any larger than you really need, as an extra inch or two does not sound like much, but the total surface area obviously increases a great deal.)

Incidentally, I bought a Hansol H530, which plays DVDs, games, etc., very crisply, even though it does not have digital input. I daresay digital input is probably worth a little extra, though, as it looks your graphics card can handle it.

I'll leave the detailed technical advice to those in the know...

  perpetually-perplexed 21:28 15 Jul 2003

take eyestrain very seriously. i look at my screen nearly non stop for 12hrs a day and was getting migrains even with some very expensive crt
with lcd i never get a headache, some lcd are a little fuzzy but look at some reviews
its worth spending some money on a lcd

  VoG II 21:31 15 Jul 2003

I also prefer LCD for what I do (surfing, Excel, Word etc.). However, all the advice I have seen is that CRT is better for games.

  Gaz 25 21:32 15 Jul 2003


Games, Graphics? CRT

General, DTP, Webdesign, Typing? TFT

Bulky? CRT

Slim? TFT

  Venom8 21:54 15 Jul 2003

If youre not a hard core gamer, you dont do heavy duty graphics and your budget can cope with the additional cost then get a TFT, otherwise its a CRT.

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