Should I be worried over cpu temps?

  De Marcus 00:34 01 Jun 2005

Hi all, I've just downloaded and installed a cpu temp monitor, reason being that my 2.8ghz p4 chip is overclocked to 3.08ghz and I needed to monitor temps, there was no increase in temp whatsoever (even under full load) with this overclock, when I stepped it up a bit more to 3.4ghz the temp rose by 2 degrees under load, bringing me to 36 degrees celsius, I'm a bit wary at this point, I know there's the possibilty of pushing this chip further but I only have air cooling, albeit extremely good air cooling, I guess what I'm getting at is should I trust the readout ?

I'm using speedfan (just got it via this forum) as mbm5 doesn't work with my board.

the spec is a s follows:
P4 (skt478) Prescott 2.8ghz cpu
Asrock P4V88 Mobo
1 Gb Dual Channel pc3200 DDR400 Ram
xp pro sp2

  DJ-Garry 00:39 01 Jun 2005

I'm no expert but you will prob get an unstable machine before you suffer any long term damage to your chip as your doing it bit by bit. 36 degrees is not too hot as far as I know.
Other may help you more though. Good luck, Garry.

  ashdav 00:41 01 Jun 2005

36 degrees is fine. In fact any thing under 70 is OK. Modern semiconductors are rated at 120 degrees Centigrade and usually don't fail until 200 is reached but this is an instantaneous figure. They cannot survive long at this temperature. I wouldn't worry.

  De Marcus 00:46 01 Jun 2005

Right the machine switched itself off at 3.6ghz so I suppose I should stick with the stable 3.4, I'm actually very suprised at the oc'ability of pentiums (using air cooling and being an AMD man normally), I'm sure for the best part it's down to luck with the chip I bought but damn they're good, reminds me of the athlon 2500 bartons. I

  ashdav 01:12 01 Jun 2005

got a 2500 myself. Suits me Sir.

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