Should I be wary of slot type drives?

  WhiteTruckMan 09:32 31 Oct 2005

A friend has offered to source for me a replacement combo drive for my trusty HP laptop. (its stopped reading dvd, but still reads/writes cd's ok). I have been told that price wil be reasonable, with more info to follow, but that it would be a slot type drive instead of a tray type.

My concern is that these drives all seem to have a strip of material across the slot to keep dirt out of the drive. wouldnt this collect dirt and effective scour the surface of any disc inserted/ejected?

I'm not too concerned (yet) about the loss of dvd, but I may remedy it if the price is low enough, just that I dont want to go from an inconvenient situation to a potentially damaging one.

any thoughts , anyone?



  Lozzy 11:54 31 Oct 2005

No issues at all. Your safe so long as it works ok.

  vinnyT 14:01 31 Oct 2005

The drives have no disadvantages re dirt as opposed the tray versions.

The only issue I have come accross with the slot drives is that they don't like the smaller size cds, ie 8cm, which some manus (for some reason) send out with drivers, ect on.

But, for the most, no probs. In fact, for a laptop, I feel they are better, as often the tray on a laptop cd rom is usually flimsy and prone to break.

Hope this helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 31 Oct 2005

Only problem is CD cleaners the ones with a little brush on.
If you put one of these into a slot type drive it will get stuck completely.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:00 31 Oct 2005

Thanks for the opinions everyone.

I'm going to mark this as resolved, because although other issues have been raised that I didnt think of, my original issue has been answered.

Still going to have to think some more on this though....

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