Should BIOS dates be the same as laptop dates

  Govan1x 00:35 18 Jan 2017

Bios shows date as 1/17/2017 and laptop shows it as 17/1/2017 I can find no way of changing it.

Is this normal and nothing to worry about.

  Belatucadrus 00:49 18 Jan 2017

Looks as if the BIOS is displaying dates in US format MM/DD/YYYY rather than UK format DD/MM/YYYY, so it is showing the same date, just in an alternative format. Not being able to see any occasion where you need to look in the BIOS to check the date it shouldn't really be a problem

  Govan1x 00:55 18 Jan 2017

Thanks for the information Belatucadrus. Just having problems updating my security programs and was told to check dates and times were correct as that sometime causes it.

No way of changing it anyway so have to assume it makes no difference.

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