Should be simple to most of you? No LAN

  Maineman 19:58 24 Jun 2005

Hi to all, I've managed to get a simple wireless LAN established at home, using a Belkin modem/router and the other two PCs using Linksys wifi adapaters.
For some reason my sons computer can still access the internet and 'ping' me but we are no longer seeing each other in terms of networking. All was working fine but this has cropped up without warning.
If I try and ping his I get four no replies, and his computer does not show up in my network etc.
Any ideas for a dummy like me?!

  selfbuild 20:23 24 Jun 2005

It's a firewall problem.... Has somebody changed any settings?

  Maineman 20:30 24 Jun 2005

Pretty sure evrythings as it was. Both machines are on XP with firewall on, but that's always been the case.

  cylon 14:06 25 Jun 2005

Is your PC's IP address fixed ? If not it might be that your IP address has changed to a range outdie those specified for the firewall

  Maineman 16:42 25 Jun 2005

How do I tell if I'm running DHCP. ipconfig still shows

  Maineman 18:09 25 Jun 2005

It may be relevant, but lately my son's PC hasn't been showing in my DHCP client list, although until the other day we could still 'talk to each other'.
When initially set up all three PCs in the LAN were shown in that list.

  Maineman 19:02 27 Jun 2005

Any suggestions?

  retep888 19:10 27 Jun 2005

Are you running the XP firewall or a third party one,it's mostly a firewall issue to me as the other forum member stated already.


  Maineman 19:22 27 Jun 2005

XP firewalls on both machines but set up properly. Avast antivirus also installed.....maybe it's that.

  selfbuild 20:28 27 Jun 2005

Disable the firewall and see if it now works.

XPs firewall is cr*p and I suggest you use a third party firewall such as Sygate or ZoneAlarm.

  retep888 20:32 27 Jun 2005

XP firewall only stops incoming traffic,I would suggest you install this click here

Choose the free version not the pro one,install it on both machines,it should disable XP firewall by default and then set both the internet and trusted zone seurity to medium for interacting.

Most important is to put both you and your son's computer's ip address on the other firewall's trusted zone.

You should be OK by then,post back should you have any problem,other member will lend you a hand if not me.



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