Shortcut and Registry Errors

  Grumpy Grandad 15:52 29 Jan 2006

I have Norton Systemworks installed on one computer but not on the other. A Systemworks scan will show and correct Shortcut and Registry errors, and I wondered if there are other utilities that perform a similar operation.

  bremner 15:54 29 Jan 2006

Regseeker click here - free, small and effective

  Grumpy Grandad 16:04 29 Jan 2006

Thanks Bremner
That looks like just the job for Registry entries, does anyone know of something similar for shortcuts?

  Bogbrain 16:09 29 Jan 2006

Most registry cleaners or checkers have an auto function to get rid of shortcuts. Isn't it just a matter of configuring it to look for them?
I dunno why people bother with those megalithic Norton system works things, it's as if its a crutch to lean on as a 'get you out of everything and anything' problem without having having to actually understand what and why something has happened or why.

  Grumpy Grandad 08:53 01 Feb 2006

Thanks Bogbrain,
Unfortunately I, like the vast majority, understand little about the way control systems on PCs work,or the function of various file types.
It's not because we are lazy or thick, we don't know how to get that knowledge. I have tried the local council run computer training classes, but all they teach is Word etc.
I am 71 and reluctant to spend a lot of money attending private computer schools, so have to depend on utilities written by others.
Please show compassion for others who use helprooms, they may do so because they need advice and not criticism.
Perhaps PC Advisor might print articles on this.

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