Shortcut Problem

  SGT BARNES 11:18 29 Oct 2003

whenever i create a shortcut on my desktop it never goes to where its supposed to , it always goes to my c: folder , i've checked the path of the shortcuts and they display the correct path.

even if i create 1 from another drive it still opens the c drive when i click on it.

i've tried retyping the path again but it still goes back to the c drive.

i'm using xp pro


  pj123 11:19 29 Oct 2003

How are you creating the shortcut?

  SGT BARNES 11:23 29 Oct 2003

i've tried using the send to desktop fuction and the new folder/shorcut and then typing the path in , but they still go back to the c drive

  The Idle one 11:32 29 Oct 2003

On 'My Computer' - Open the relevant drive / folder
Select relevant file u want to open
Right click file & select create shortcut
This will give another entry on drive/folder
'Drag & drop' shortcut to desktop
move to required position
u should then be able to open relevant file by double clicking desktop s/cut

  SGT BARNES 11:53 29 Oct 2003

i did what you said (on drive I: ) when i click on it it opens this folder C:\Documents and Settings\SIMON\Desktop\New Folder.

might just give up and format everything.

  keenan 12:23 29 Oct 2003

This may help click here;en-us;303569

  keenan 12:31 29 Oct 2003

Link no good.
Typr:303569 in search box.

  SGT BARNES 12:49 29 Oct 2003

tried that , and the shortcut still opens c:

  keenan 14:27 29 Oct 2003

Try this:
Enable hidden and systems folders in the 'View' folder settings, open
C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\SendTo\ and add shortcuts to whatever locations you wish.

  WaiKent 14:30 29 Oct 2003

are you rightclicking and going to new shortcut and typing the path?

  SGT BARNES 14:33 29 Oct 2003

yes i am wailkent

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