Shortcut link GONE !!!

  peter4076 14:25 10 Sep 2003

Created short cut link on desktop then when I try to launch it, it can't find the link. The item is my CDRom drive created from MY Computer folder usual stuff r/click sub menu create shortcut then it informs you if you want it on the desktop click yes and there it is on desktop reboot puta then R/click icon out of menu L/click eject, can't find link. Puzzling me any help gratefully received. Running WinXP.

  Jester2K II 14:33 10 Sep 2003

Same here (Windows XP)

Don't think you can do it like that...

  Belatucadrus 17:09 10 Sep 2003

Sorry to chuck a spanner in the works, but I've just tried it on my XP setup and it works fine. I use the classic menu as the teletubbies XP one gets up my nose.

  Steven135 18:19 10 Sep 2003

There was athread running about this some time ago:

click here

  peter4076 08:37 11 Sep 2003

Thanks for your contributions, but picked up an earlier thread and it seems like its on going. Been running WinXP since week 1 even the beta before launch and I am most impressed with this O/S been there since 95,98&SE,ME,2000, & XP and is head & shoulders above the rest. 2 weeks ago went to M/soft w/site for some updates done the scan and was informed that I needed 28 critical updates and that SP1 would be a good idea !!, anyway done the necessary and voila s/cuts not available (they have been since XP launched) so methinks it is linked. Went to website 11/09/03
and M/soft recommend waiting for the fix in the the next support pack SP2 do you think. Cheers

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