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  Newuser2533 10:44 13 May 2007

In my favorites list I have a Google Icon which connects to Google when I press problems.
I right clicked and moved it to the Task bar and created a new icon...but it doesn't work. I receive the following message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folders Options panel". Ive tried every which way I can but nothing seems to be working.
I went to the site using the icon in my favorites list and moved the icon from the site address onto the Task bar and made a short cut, but it still doesn't connect.
Can any one help please.

  johndrew 12:33 13 May 2007

I`m unsure of what you mean when you say `I right clicked and moved it to the Task bar ..`. It sounds as if you simply copied the icon.

To make an icon that works you need to go to to the program icon for the item concerned, right click and select `Create Shortcut`. This will provide a genuine shortcut icon that you can right click and drag to the Task Bar and select `Move Here`. You can then `Rename` it to remove the `(2)` from the end.

  Eric10 15:22 13 May 2007

To create a shortcut to a website you are viewing just drag the icon that appears at the left of the address using the LEFT mouse button and drop it onto the Quick Launch area of the taskbar or on the desktop if preferred.

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