Short on testing old MB

  Catastrophe 11:44 03 Jul 2010

From my other thread I need a standard socket 478 retention bracket to mount heatsink/fan.
[Thank you MAT ALAN :) ]

I found one on an old Gigabyte P4 Titan GA-8KNXP board so I decided to check the board before risking possible damage removing retention bracket.

I added suitable (old) CPU and borrowed a suitable memory from another PC (mine). The MB was resting on cardboard.

On connecting old PSU I saw the fan turn on the Titan module. Then there was a loud CRACK.

On re-powering, this fan no longer turns and there is no sign of life but no burning smell.
The PSU does seem to have developed a rattle which I don't think was there before.
Returning the borrowed memory results in Belarc finding it so I guess it is undamaged.

Two questions please.

1. Any idea what might have caused the short?
I want to avoid any damage on further testing other items.

2. Any tips on removing retention bracket without damaging MB?

Any comments gratefully appreciated.


  woodchip 11:54 03 Jul 2010

For a crack like you describe, I would say 230volts bang inside PSU you would see the burn marks if on the board etc or it could be a capacitor that's blown

  Catastrophe 12:08 03 Jul 2010

Thank you wodchip. The board seems absolutely immaculate, checking especially around the power connectors.

I have just bought on eBay a suitable 450w PSU, for GBP10.49 delivered, to replace my 'test' PSU so will try again when this arrives.

Incidentally there are more available (it says) if anyone is looking for a cheap PSU.


  Catastrophe 12:12 03 Jul 2010

woodchip - apologies for the spelling typo.

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