Short Term Broadband Provider - advice please?

  mdshamilton 12:31 25 Oct 2004

My stepfather wants to upgrade to broadband. However he is looking for a provider that he can "switch off and on" throughout the year to save money. He spends 4 months of the summer in France and doesn't want to pay for broadband when he's not in the UK (Richmond, Surrey).

Can anyone recommend a broadband provider that:

- Has a short-term contract.
- Allows the customer to cancel the service at relatively short notice, at low or no cost.
- Allows the customer to re-instate service at relatively short notice at low or no cost.

Surely there must be some provider out there who can provide what is almost a "pay-as-you-go" broadband service?



  Gongoozler 12:45 25 Oct 2004

Hi Mark. I don't think there's a BB provider that does exactly what you want, and the I think reason is that the provider is charged by BT for installation and the use of the line. Also any supplier with a short contract will charge the full setup cost up front. The nearest I know of to what you want is Metronet. They will charge the installation fee, and you supply your own modem. They will then charge £10 a month for up to 200M download and a small incremental amount over that. If you cancel the contract, you will have to pay the setup fee again, so that wouldn't be a good option unless there was a long inactive period. The minimum contract period is 3 months. Check it out here click here.

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