Short of HD space to install Win10 Ann Upgrade

  cellar17 16:49 25 Aug 2016

I am unable to install Win 10 Anniversary upgrade on my Asus T100HA Tablet as there is insufficient hard drive space (HD Totals 32GB) I have only got 10.5 GB's free after removing everything I can except Norton AV. Can I use a USB Stick and, if so, how?

  [DELETED] 17:28 25 Aug 2016

It has a micro SD slot, if same one , but I don't know if Windows will use it for temporary installation files while upgrading. The link says The microSD slot lets you add further space to the device’s 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of eMMC storage.

  Burn-it 17:50 25 Aug 2016

Can you temporarily remove or move some of the installed stuff temporarily until the update has finished??

  slaydeuk 19:27 16 Oct 2016

I have tried installing a 32GB micro SD card, which the computer recognised and gave a drive letter, as it did with the USB HDD, but was not available for upgrading Windows 10. The total capacity of all the installed programs is less than 2.5GB, so I won't get anywhere by removing them. I am using Windows 10 Update Assistant and Windows 10 Upgrade App to try and install the upgrade, but both require an additional 8GB. I am not happy using third party programs which claim to be able to fix anything. I don't trust them. Can I install a larger drive? I only have the minimum, 32GB.

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