Short circuited my mobo

  mysterious_543 16:38 05 Oct 2003

I accidentally short circuited something on my mobo. After I read what was printed onto the mobo and it said fan2. When this happened my comp went off.
I cant get it back on. The Cd and cd rewriter drives work, the proccessor fan is spinning and the power and HDD leds are on but the the fan on my graphics card isnt spinning.

I have an Nvidia TNT2 64 - i think or something like that. It has a connector on the graphics card, which goes to the fan on the graphics card. I tested the connector for power but it has none.

Have I killed that corner of my mobo - since everything else is working or have I killed my graphics card??

Please help

  Djohn 17:03 05 Oct 2003

You may just be lucky/unlucky? and shorted your graphic card. The Fan 2 connector is usually for an extra case fan, this may have a higher voltage rating than your card and therefore burned the card.

To check the board connector for Fan 2, have you a case fan fitted or a spare case fan, if so try this from the fan 2 connector on the board to confirm working or not. j.

  mysterious_543 21:50 05 Oct 2003

I tried a spare case fan in the fan2 connector and nothing - not a twitch. I also found a third connector for a Fan3, which meant removing my graphics card to get at. so removed my graphics card, plugged in this fan and still not a twitch.

But Im confused because the processor fan in socket Fan1 is working fine. why??

  Djohn 22:00 05 Oct 2003

If you can borrow, or even buy a cheap graphic card to try and your PC boots, then you may just have got away with shorting the circuits to the fan controller's and the card itself.

If this is the case then you will need only a new graphics card as the rest of the board seems to be OK. If this does not work, could mean a new card and board, but please wait for further advice. Regards. j.

  mysterious_543 17:08 06 Oct 2003


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