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  machow 19:32 14 Jan 2004


I need to add a shoping cart to a fictional e-commerce site i have designed. this is part of an assignment i am required to do.

The problem is that i need to type the code myself but i have no idea where to start!

Any help or useful links anyone could share with me would be great.

thanks in advance!

  Taran 19:59 14 Jan 2004

Which language(s) are you familiar with and, probably more important, which server is the project supposed to be capable of running on when completed.

A Linux/Unix web server will normally limit you to PHP with MySQL while Windows hosting will allow you to use ASP or .NET, but other options are out there like Perl/CGI, ColdFusion and Java, for example.

For a really simple solution you could use plain HTML with some clever form handling to process your 'orders' and calculate payment, VAT and delivery etc.

It would help to know whether you are expected to write an underlying database of products from which to choose or if you have items X, Y and Z and all you offer are quantities of those at fixed prices.

Get back with more detail and one of us will point you in the right direction - include the software you have available to you for writing your web and whether or not this is to be data driven.



  machow 20:08 14 Jan 2004

Hi thanks for replying so fast.

Heres the rundown:

Site is linked to an access database (contains electrical goods)

Have been using html and asp so far.

Site been created in FP2002. Have access to Dreamweaver Mx, however not confident in using it.

From what i have looked at so far, i think Java would be a possibility


  Taran 21:49 14 Jan 2004

No, I'd stay away from Java unless you have both the time to learn it and the need to learn it.

ASP can do everything and more than you would ever want for shopping carts and is far easier to use with your Access database than scripting Java to do the same thing. It has a long history of dynamic web application and since you're already using it I see no point in bringing something else into the fray.

Thankfully, lots of nice people have given their time and expertise to show us lesser mortals how it's done.

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Some of the above are finished scripts that may be downloaded for free and examined to see how they work.

Some are standalone tutorials and walkthrough articles that show you how to create your own and I suggest you start with them and see how you get along.

Shopping carts are actually quite easy once you get your head around a few fundamentals of data handling.

Post back if you get stuck.


  machow 11:15 15 Jan 2004

there seems plenty here to be having a look at. I will take a look at these at the weekend, when i have a bit of time.

So no doubt i will be posting back on Saturday!

Right now i have to come up with a dissertation title....BY TOMORROW!


  PurplePenny 19:42 15 Jan 2004


  Forum Editor 20:43 15 Jan 2004

"Is the Internet responsible for the increase in offences against children, and if so, why?".

  machow 11:48 16 Jan 2004

Had any luck? Yet FE's suggestion is a very good one. May even use it myself.

  PurplePenny 13:18 16 Jan 2004

Oops - misunderstanding - I missed out the quotation marks!! I was quoting your post and wondering what *your* subject is :-) FE's suggestion is very topical, if it suits your subject then go for it.


  machow 17:03 16 Jan 2004

oh right.

well it was going to be based upon Relational databases. Possibly something to do with normalisation....Are fully normalised tables efficient? etc.

Thats as far as i got.

  Taran 17:35 16 Jan 2004

Well, that's a can of worms...

By the time you've fully normalised tables you've impeded them, in most cases. By building in so much efficiency you create a system where the data becomes unwieldy to handle, impractical to deal with and, well, you get the idea...

That's the software engineer in me. It's also why most situations never call for going beyond , 2 and 3NF. 4 and 5NF are largely theoretical with little real world implementation for the above, and other, reasons.

It would make for an interesting discussion though.

Good luck no matter what you choose.


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