ShopFactory on PC Adr's disc - registration probs

  RRRetro 08:04 30 Sep 2006

The cover mounted disc on Novembers PC Advisor (iss 136) has the very useful ShopFactory LE.

How do you register it without paying? -presumably it is free..!?

Have I overlooked the obvious?

  ArrGee 11:24 30 Sep 2006

Haven't looked at the version available on the CD myself, but you can download a demo from here:
click here

  bluto1 12:31 30 Sep 2006

I gather you have not attempted registration.
Well, I`d go ahead and do so. There`s nothing on the box the disc came in to say it will cost anything, just a reminder of it`s worth. I`m going to give it a go myself so if I find any pricing problem I`ll post back.

  bluto1 12:46 30 Sep 2006

All installed and registered.
When you start the prog. a panel pops up asking you to register within 30 days. Type your e-mail address into the appropriate section and your password in the next one. Ignore the section marked `code`. You may get an e-mail back from them and i`ll assume your code will be there. Money was not mentioned on my install. Good luck :-))

  RRRetro 21:40 01 Oct 2006

I am about to give it a whirl, thank you both, especially bluto1.

  RRRetro 22:09 01 Oct 2006

OK, tried that, the program started OK after clicking 'Start' but when I came to load the prog again, it came back to the registration screen.
If I click register I am then taken to a web page that states;

Thank you for registering. Please ensure you have correctly filled out the code and email fields. Registering is not possible without these being correct.
Can't find your registration code? Click -here- for help on locating your registration code.

Alas, it hasn't registered!!

I have now emailed the company for advice, when (and if!) they respond I shall paste their response here to help any others experiencing the same problems.

  RRRetro 03:08 02 Oct 2006

I've received an email from the makers of Shop Factory, and here it is...

Thank you for contacting ShopFactory regarding the recent PC Advisors
promotion of your Free ShopFactory V5 Light. The magazine should have
provided a link for you to register your Free ShopFactory V5 Light.

Please go to click here to receive your registration

If you continue to have problems please let me know as soon as


Your ShopFactory Registrations Team

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