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  Jeffersonrex 14:51 17 Feb 2013

Following amy recent thread re. problem with a "rippling" effect on pages whilst scrolling. It seems the general consensus is that the fault lies with faulty driver(s) . I have run a test (with one of the many advertisers) into my computers drivers. The computer was built in 2007 and uses Windows XP and apparently 13 of the 30+ drivers are underperforming. So what to I take to the local shop where the computer originated from for a £35 service OR download a re driver update on -line for around £20. The £20 may well be well spent to bring the computers drivers up-to-date in areas . Finally, As a technical novice there is no-way I know how to do any operation myself.

  lotvic 15:04 17 Feb 2013

You should never allow yourself to be ripped off by buying Drivers. They are free to download from the manufacturers website, and updating a driver is quite simple, you download the file and click on it to open it.

"I have run a test (with one of the many advertisers) into my computers drivers.... apparently 13 of the 30+ drivers are underperforming" well they would say that wouldn't they, if it means they can get you to part with your money.

You would have/still can get more help with your 'display rippling problem' if you would only answer the questions asked and give more details of the problems on your thread

  Jeffersonrex 15:24 17 Feb 2013

Yes sorry I have re-read my original "post" I didnt answer any of the question. Problem was and is Im bambozzled ! When it comes to knowing how a computer woks Im a joke ! and a little bit embarrased because I have no idea what a graphics card is , nevermind how to download one. Ref. Driver update, every site Ive been on promises a free download but after "messing around" for hours on end I end up with a pay-up option and nothing else.

  woodchip 18:57 17 Feb 2013

First thing to try, is right click My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager if you double click items you should be able to see Update Driver.

This before searching the Web

  lotvic 20:44 17 Feb 2013

Don't be embarrassed, none of us knew anything until we started asking questions.

As it says at the top of this forum "don't know your CD ROM from your RAM, and you wouldn't dream of opening the computer's case? Relax, you're in good company. This forum is for you - so don't hesitate to ask that basic question."

  Jeffersonrex 22:13 18 Feb 2013

In reply to Woodchip I have been into " my computer " and fiddled around with this and that ( I know thats not very technical !) I couldnt find any prompt to update drivers . The hard disk drive and devices with removable storage revealed nothing though I was able to check DVD drive which was OK. Am I in the wrong place ?

  nickf 23:54 18 Feb 2013

Hi jeffersonrex , best advice I can give is to download this free program called slim driver , I have used it on all three of my computers , does the job , with no hassle or techie talk . just click on the link .

  woodchip 08:37 19 Feb 2013

Try looking in Control Panel/System/Device manager.If you then double click, on any hardware you think needs new driver/You should See Drivers TAB if there are other what you call folders double click it then look for the Tab

  iscanut 10:01 19 Feb 2013

Go to Control Panel, then Device Manager, then Display Adapter..this should show your graphics card, click on it and you should be able to select update drivers from within this tab.

  Jeffersonrex 10:52 19 Feb 2013

Great advice being given but still have problems .. (1) Ref. Nickf advice re. downloading "slimdriver" Usual problem here , they will analyse the "drivers" but no free download - page ends with a payment form. I loved the free cleaner though (better than my present one "ccleaner") so I am using that. (2) ref. iscanut2 When I go the control panel there is no such thing as device manager Im afraid.....I'm still trying to work it out this space. Jefferson

  nickf 11:01 19 Feb 2013

Jeffersonrex , slimdriver is free to use . I have used it for some time now . They also do Slimcomputer , which cleans out all the crapware installed on new computers .

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