Shockwave Flash warning, how do I stop it happenin

  manrow 22:01 27 Apr 2017

How do I stop Shockwave Flash warnings on my laptop? Having googled this, some suggest you don't need the program anyway?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 27 Apr 2017

flash has become a security risk and most web sites have stopped using it.

  difarn 16:50 30 Apr 2017

There are still some apps/programs that require Flash - catch-up tv for example. I use Firefox and I can set it so that it has to ask permission to activate as and when needed. Is this what you mean by warnings or are you talking about notifications to keep it up to date?

This article explains.

click here,news-21335.html

  manrow 21:07 30 Apr 2017

Thank you for the response, although I cannot open it as I get a Not Found Error 404 message.

However if I use your system how do I know when the programme needs Shockwave?

  difarn 14:04 01 May 2017

Sorry that the link wouldn't open. Will paste it again to see if second time lucky.

click here,news-21335.html

If you set Flash to have to ask you a message comes up on your screen when your programme needs to use it. You just have to click on it to authorise it.

  difarn 14:10 01 May 2017

No, that doesn't work either. If you google Disable Flash and click on the result it gives a very clear explanation and shows you how to disable or change to activate when authorised.

  lotvic 14:32 01 May 2017

It seems the comma disrupted the pasted intended link. Try this corrected link

  difarn 18:35 02 May 2017

As I said earlier, you have to make the choice. Flash Player is still needed on things like embedded videos in on-line newspapers and some catch-up tv services as well as other websites.

Advice given is

to make sure you have the up to date version - if you have several browsers you will need to do this for each one

only get updates from the official site, not through notifications

never update Flash if you are on 'suspicious' websites - these websites often have pop-ups telling you that Flash needs updating but this can be malware

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