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Shift/Ctrl Keys Randomly Stop Working

  Iaerin 16:09 08 Jan 2017

I can't really think why this would happen. When one of these stops working, it'll only be with one specific use. So, the Shift keys I only ever notice stop working when trying to Shift+Delete a file or folder, but both Shift keys will work perfectly fine when I'm typing (e.g. if, after noticing it not working, I simply switch to Notepad and type something, they work fine for capitalisation). This also isn't something that happens all the time, I usually can Shift+Delete files, it'll just sort of arbitrarily not work sometimes. Likewise, Ctrl+S wasn't working to save yesterday when I had Visual Studio open, but I could still Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V within that same program perfectly fine. I saved manually and got on with things and it seemed to start working again later, but I don't think I did anything specific to fix it.

Also, with Ctrl (harder to test Shift), it only seems to apply to one program at a time, but it's never the same program. So, for example, if it happens on Word, I can open a Notepad and Ctrl+S to save and that works, but it still won't work in Word. Again, not always the same program. I probably notice it most with Word, but I use a lot of Word documents for work, whereas Visual Studio and other software I might use that requires a lot of saving is more of a hobby.

Since the keys otherwise work, I doubt it's my actual keyboard (but in case anyone thinks it is, it's a Logitech G510s and the driver is up-to-date). I have another keyboard I could test with, but this problem doesn't happen consistently, so I have no idea how to reproduce it to find out. I guess if anyone could give me ideas to try to reproduce it, I might be able to get a better idea of how to fix it.

  lotvic 12:10 09 Jan 2017

Perhaps the keyboard needs cleaning. Unplug it and turn it upside down and give it a few taps and shakes to dislodge any debris roundabout the keys, use something like a pastry brush to sweep away debris.

Certainly use the other keyboard and if the problem does not occur then you will know that it is the first keyboard that's either wearing out or got debris under some keys that sometimes stop the keypress making contact.

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