Shift + O shortcut on Gigabyte MB - Crashing games

  Vali Flame 13:46 21 Jan 2018

Hello. I have a Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming K5 motherboard and i've been having a lot of trouble with the Shift + O key that used to show fps in real time in games. Now i am using fraps or bandicam and even without those programs running, when i press inside a game shift+o game freezes and crashes. I've been searching inside App Center all those tools to see if i can find any that has the shortcut to disable it but couldn't find it. I found an app called : Smart Keyboard and it has last tab Disable where you can see the keyboard layout and probably disable shortcuts there. Don't know if it works because it still crashes the games. Anyone here knows which Gigabyte software/app has the shift+o allocated as shortcut ? And how to get rid of it ? its frustrating when i try to write in chat and my game crashes...

Just ASked this on gigabyte forums 3 hours and post only has 3 views 0 reply this is disgusting

  wee eddie 14:07 21 Jan 2018

This Forum is "NOT" a service that you are paying for.

I would suggest the others to make you wait for a response, your last sentence is disrespectful of those that offer their knowledge for free

  Vali Flame 14:13 21 Jan 2018

Knowledge for free ? So what ? Now knowledge has a price ? Oh boy... I already payed x amount for the hardware from gigabyte and the only thing i ask is for one simple answer. And i posted it on one of their forums first, not here.. I was just looking for an alternative since their forums looks dead.... But thanx for your help tho, really professional ...

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