shell32.dll on win 98se

  melancol 15:11 07 Oct 2004

hi, Just installed PB TV100 pci card with relevant software. On reboot system says that shlwapi.dll is missing. I can now only go into dos on this comp. I have copied the file to floppy and installed it via (dos) copy a:\shlwapi.dll c:\windows\system
now when i reboot i get the message "shell32.dll file is linked to missing export shlwapi.dll:SHRegGetUSValueA"
have tried various remedies from other postings to no avail.
Any Ideas?

  curlylad 16:55 07 Oct 2004

Have a look at this microsoft article click here The software/program described is not the same as yours but the problem is the same , have a look and let us know how you go.

  melancol 17:01 07 Oct 2004

had a go at that earlier, but had trouble in converting the windows instructions to dos.
+ i have no idea how to find the files within dos to change the name's.
any tips?

  curlylad 17:09 07 Oct 2004

I am not sure how you would go about it either so just hang tight I am sure some of the more DOS headed boffins will be arriving shortly and will get stuck into this.

In the meantime I have found another article click here have a read through and it gives a few fixes for a not too dissimilar problem , sorry I can't be of more help.

  melancol 17:35 07 Oct 2004

thanks curlylad,
I am hoping that a few people know about dos can sort this out, before "she that must be obeyed" comes home, as it is her computer. (mines alright)

  Noelg23 17:39 07 Oct 2004

so whats with this DOS thing then melancol?

  melancol 17:58 07 Oct 2004

hi Noelg23,
Well, since i get this error message "shell32.dll file is linked to missing export shlwapi.dll:SHRegGetUSValueA" the system crashes with a message "must reinstall windows". 2 problems, 1. I don't have a windows disc, (the pc came with it preloaded and Compaq supply a restore programme on the hard disc. 2. I don't know enough about dos to search the c drive to activate this program.
I am also uner the assumption that with enough knowledge then the problem can be fixed without the need to reload windows.

  Noelg23 18:07 07 Oct 2004

the second part is partly true..cos you will need to find the file but even if you do find the file whats to say all will be well? cos not only do you have to find the file but you must put it back where it came from...the other thing I am not happy about is why Compaq couldnt give you a Recovery CD for the Windows OS. its obvious they wanted you to take the PC back to them so they can charge you a bomb to repair it...and thats unfair...they better have a good reason for how did you copy the shlwapi.dll to the system? in other words what exactly did you type and are you sure you put it in the right location?

  melancol 18:19 07 Oct 2004

I copied the file onto floppy (using my xp pc) from a website found in another posting. then at the C prompt "copy a:\shlwapi.dll c:\windows\system" which i believe where it should be. I have checked to make sure it is there by typing "dir windows\system\shlwapi.dll" the file was found.
thats when I rebooted and it looked all okay untill just as the desktop was due to appear the error message "shell32.dll file is linked to missing export shlwapi.dll:SHRegGetUSValueA" came up again with "re install windows" system them stops responding.

  melancol 18:21 07 Oct 2004

ps. sorry for taking a while to get back, faulty pc is upstairs

  Noelg23 18:23 07 Oct 2004

I would go back into DOS and look for the shell32.dll if thats missing then thats the problem..

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