Shed some light on GFX Cards (long post) ?

  nufc2009 09:16 11 May 2009

Hi, i know about graphics cards somewhat, but i was hoping someone could clear something up.

Ive just ordered a replacement for my palit 1gb 8800gt, its going to be a Galaxy GTX260+ Xtreme Super Overclocked. Now i generally determine how fast the card will be by its memory bandwidth and processor streams (off course i look for benchmark comparison on cards too).

The full spec on the card ive ordered:

- Core Clock: 650MHz
- Memory: 896MB GDDR3
- Memory Clock: 2304MHz (Effective)
- Memory Interface: 448-Bit
- Memory Bandwidth: 129.02GB/s
- Processing Cores: 216
- Shader Clock: 1404MHz
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.0
- Display Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I
- SLI Ready
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 10 Support
- OpenGL 2.1 Support
- PhysX Enabled
- CUDA Enabled
- Card Dimensions: 266.7mm x 111.15mm

The Galaxy GTX260+ Xtreme is beating GTX280 in most of the latest games at any resolution or AA AF gaming settings!

Now enough with that, the place i bought it claim this card is outperforming a GTX280 in some scenarios, do you think this super clocked card will?

Finally, when i was looking for a new graphics card, i noticed that some of the ATI 4870's have 800 processor streams! On the Nvidia site the GTX260 should only have 192 processor streams and a bandwidth of 111.9GB/s, the one ive ordered has 216 streams and a bandwidth of 129.02GB/s, how can you compare a 4870 card with a GTX 260, most the 4870's ive looked at dont specify the bandwidth, and the processor streams seem massive, not to mention DDR5.

In a nutshell:

1) The card ive ordered states its as good, if not better then a GTX 280, is that possible?

2) How do you compare a ATI 4870 with a GTX 260 when the specifications are completely different?
-> 800 Stream Processors
-> DDR5
-> Whats its memory bandwidth?

-> 216 Stream Processors
-> DDR3
-> 129.02 GB/s

3) How have Galaxy got the GTX from 192 Processor Streams to 216?

Sorry for the long post, hoping someone with some good knowledge can help me work out some of these questions.


  [email protected] 10:04 11 May 2009

it will probably beat 280gtx (standard) at most resolutions, most 280gtx, as the card has now been replaced, are far from standard. you will only be talking benchmark figures, i would doubt it you would notice any difference between that card and a standard 280.
on anything lower than 1900x1200 the ati card would have the edge, as it has faster memory.
your card will play all games at high resolution, providing you cpu and ram can push it fully.

  nufc2009 10:07 11 May 2009

Ram and CPU are fine:

Q6600 @ 3.7ghz
2x2GB OCZ Platinum @ 1ghz

These cards should be good for a few years right? Hardware is forever changing to keep up to date with requirements.

  [email protected] 10:14 11 May 2009

i think so. i fell into the benchmark trap a couple of years ago, replacing my 8800 ultras with 280's, upgrading cpu each time the next one came out.
end of the day, anything over 60 frames per second is irrelevent, i havnt seen a performance increase in games for years, just 3d benchmark.
new years resolution was to upgrade pc, when my current one struggles and not before:)

  nufc2009 10:25 11 May 2009

ive also noticed a lack of demanding games lately, exceptions of GTA IV and Crysis, i might do the same as yourself and not upgrade unless i need to.

Ive found the same with mobile phones and things, ever changing and feel the need to be up to date, you have to blame the marketing :)

Currently i average 46.50 fps in GTA IV, with these settings:

Average FPS: 46.50
Duration: 37.31 sec
CPU Usage: 64%
System memory usage: 53%
Video memory usage: 82%

Graphics Settings
Video Mode: 1280 x 1024 (60 Hz)
Texture Quality: High
Render Quality: Highest
: Medium
: Medium
: High
View Distance: 38
Detail Distance: 100

My monitor can only handle 60hz anyway, so the GTX im getting should have no problems for a few more years i guess :)

...Still not sure why the 4870 has 800 stream processors, but i have always liked nvidia, especially games that are optimized with nvidia.

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