Shdow on laptop screen display

  kumo22 13:17 19 Jul 2010

I have an Acer 4150 operating XP.

I was using the laptop and suddenly an area on the right hand of the screen, equating to approximately 1/5th of the screen, darkened. It is like a shadow in the sense that I can still view that section of the screen. A friend suggested that this may be due to a bulb problem.

Any comments or thougts would be appreciated.


  northumbria61 13:28 19 Jul 2010

It sound like an inverter or backlight is failing. Only one way to find out and its cheaper to replace the inverter first.

I don't have personally any experience in doing this but there are detailed instructions here if you feel confident to attempt it yourself.

click here

  T0SH 17:48 19 Jul 2010

If the problem was the backlight or the invertor since the backlight tube is located along the bottom of a laptop screen it would effect all of the screen not just on the right hand side , so it has to be some other fault probably in the lcd electronics

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news

Cheers HC

  woodchip 18:00 19 Jul 2010

It may not, things change on how they make things, You are falling into the same trap as me. as he can see it, I would be inclined to say the same as above Lamp problem. I have seen a Fluorescent tube do something like that.

PS I think its something to do with the coating inside the tube

  mooly 18:50 19 Jul 2010

Some screens do use two CCD's or "tubes" for backlighting and failure of one would fit your symptom.

  kumo22 11:51 20 Jul 2010

Thank you. I havwe an idea now what I'm working with.

  T0SH 15:05 20 Jul 2010

Over time all Florescent tubes gradually darken slightly at one or both ends but an overnight darkening of 20% at one end is well beyond the realms of possibility

In the event it is accedemic since replacing backlight tube regardless of the number in an LCD screen is well beyond a DIYerrs capability

I would seriously doubt that even the largest screen laptop would have two backlight tubes given the heavy penalty it would incur on battery life

Cheers HC

  mooly 18:19 20 Jul 2010

Although your problem sounds like a backlight issue what happen if you turn the brightness fully up or down... is the darkening consistent still and tracks with the brightness.

Also, and I only mention this to eliminate something, what happens if when you boot up you keep pressing F2 to enter the BIOS screen. Is the darkening still present as this screen is diplayed which will be using the generic drivers for the video chipset.

Sounds totally unrelated but it's a moment to check and without actually seeing any fault first hand... well stranger things have happened with video driver issues etc. Dont alter anything in the BIOS just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight exit and press enter and it will carry on booting normally.

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